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Xplore: Church Army training brings life-changing year for 18-25s

Let go of any thought of a traditional year out or a gap year programme. The Xplore year in seeks to shape itself around your circumstances and grow out of your heart for mission ...

Passionate about evangelism and keen to serve God? Church Army’s Xplore ‘year in’ training programme for 18 to 25-year-olds could be right up your street ...

Let go of any thought of a traditional year out or a gap year programme. The Xplore year in seeks to shape itself around your circumstances and grow out of your heart for mission.

It enables you to remain living where you are while receiving weekly online training and support from the Xplore team, all at a low cost.

Throughout the year, there are also regular residential weekends and opportunities to take part in mission placements in Romania and with Church Army evangelists across the UK and Ireland.

This is a group of explorers engaging with and often experimenting in mission and evangelism. They are a community who deeply want to see their cities and towns transformed as people encounter Jesus.

Applications are now open for Xplore. To find out more and watch a film, visit or call 0844 585 3575.

'The training has helped me reach others at university'

Ian, a trainee teacher from Belfast, says he can’t recommend Xplore enough:

“I’ve always loved the idea of a gap year, but have always had a heart for where I am – my university and campus. So when my friend told me about the Xplore year in, I immediately knew it was something I’d love to do.

“As part of the year in we’ve been going through the Pioneer Mission book and learning how to develop a godly community.

“The online training has helped me reach others at university – particularly at the Students’ Union which is the centre of university life.

“I’ve struck up some really good relationships with people who aren’t yet Christians and I’ve been able to open up the Bible with them and pray for them. Putting the mission I’ve been learning about into practice has been brilliant.

“As part of Xplore, I’ve also spent a weekend with an evangelist in Liverpool working with people struggling with addiction.

“Xplore has been amazing and I’ve met some great people who’ve been a constant source of strength and encouragement to me. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

'We learn from each other’s experiences'

Debs is an Xplorer from Nottingham where she is an intern at St Nic’s church while working part-time as an administrator.

“Thanks to the Xplore year in I’ve learnt how important prayer is to mission and reaching people in my community.

“Each week we have online Xplore groups where we receive teaching and can share stories, ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.

“It is a great encouragement to talk to the other Xplorers who are excited about mission and who you know are praying for you and challenging you to act on what you’re learning.

“Day-to-day at St Nic’s church I lead an Alpha group and school kids’ club, teach people English in the community and help with the tea and toast outreach to clubbers on Friday nights.”

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