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Anti-trafficking campaign picks up on Oscar-winning film 12 Years A Slave

Modern day slavery in the UK is in the spotlight again thanks to a hard-hitting campaign by Christian charity Hope for Justice, inspired by Oscar-winning film 12 Years A Slave ...

Anti-human trafficking charity Hope for Justice have unveiled a series of shocking but creatively inspired images following the OSCAR award-winning film, 12 Years a Slave, to highlight the severity of modern-day slavery in the UK.
In times where movies are mainly sensationalised or fictional for entertainment purposes, the desperately sad truth behind 12 Years a Slave is this is a way of life for millions of people today.
For the first time the horrific beatings, repeated rapes, imprisonment and worthless monetary price tags put on life suffered by four of Hope for Justices’ rescued victims have all been released in a new, moving, creative campaign to hammer home how real this is today.
Hope for Justice is a charitable organisation funded entirely through donations and works tirelessly in the investigation, recovery and increasingly the re-settlement of victims of human trafficking in the UK.
In the last two years alone, Hope for Justice assisted 142 victims of trafficking in the UK, 11% of which suffered more than one form of exploitation. Shockingly, 2013 saw 23% of their rescues relating to children – the youngest being just three months old.
The charity was recently part of a multi-agency operation in Yorkshire, as part of a police investigation in to human trafficking, which saw 17 men, women and children rescued from exploitation.
Ben Cooley CEO of Hope for Justice said: “The devastating truth is that these stories are fact not fiction. To this very day, millions of people suffer inhumane, inconceivable levels of emotional and physical violence at the hands of human traffickers. Thousands of those victims are here in the UK.

"Hope for Justice will continue to fight for their freedom alongside the police and frontline agencies, so that one day soon such movies will tell the tale of past horrors and not present.”
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