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CPO is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

For over half a century, CPO has stood alongside churches and Christian organisations to help them reach those beyond their doors. The Church is currently being required to preach God’s message to our nation in new ways. At CPO, we believe that this is sowing the seeds of a huge new opportunity: to embrace a church beyond walls. Communications will play a foundational role in that. We’ve collaborated on a resource to support you as you adapt to this new landscape – Please also sign up to our Reach email if you haven’t already, so we can let you know when we are up and running again.

Need advice? Extra help for hard-pressed church treasurers

ACAT, the membership charity for Christian church treasurers has welcomed more than 1000 new members this month ...

ACAT, the membership charity for Christian church treasurers has welcomed more than 1000 new members this month. 

The Anglican Diocese of Lincoln and the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches have both joined as groups, so their treasurers can access the advice, guidance and training that ACAT provides to members.
Dan Russell, ACAT’s national Coordinator says: “We are pleased that both FIEC and Lincoln Diocese have recognised that we are a great source of help to their church treasurers, most of whom are volunteers. 

"We appreciate that being a church treasurer is not an easy job and constantly changing legislation means that many treasurers find it hard to keep up to date with their church’s legal obligations. Gift Aid is the most obvious example, but obscure adjustments in tax regulations can have just as much impact. One of the benefits of membership of ACAT is that we monitor HMRC, Charity Commission and other bodies like these and inform our members when there are changes that could affect them.”
ACAT has a growing membership of 11,000 plus and provides each member with access to its regularly updated treasurer’s handbook; a telephone advice line; a quarterly newsletter as well as running training courses around the country. Membership costs £12.50 per annum with discounts for churches joining as a group. 

More information can be found at and you'll also find a video that introduces the group's work.

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