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'God is everything to me' says singer and footballer's wife Janine Dyer

Janine Dyer, wife of footballer Bruce Dyer, says her faith has sustained her in her singing career ...

Janine Dyer, wife of footballer Bruce Dyer, says her faith has sustained her in her singing career. Matthew Murray reports

When you think of a WAG, Gucci handbags, celebrity gossip or Victoria Beckham spring to mind.

But Janine Dyer – wife of the nation’s first million pound teenage footballer Bruce Dyer – couldn’t be more different. She doesn’t attend glitzy parties, she proudly takes her children to church every Sunday, she buys her clothes from Primark and she lives in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

“The whole WAG thing has never been my cup of tea,” Janine smiles.

“In fact, people used to laugh when they knew I was marrying a footballer because I hate it that much. I used to go to the games occasionally and would cheer Bruce when he scored just to give him a boost but I didn’t really mean it!

“I cringe when I think of being a WAG. I’m just Janine who lives in Barnsley with my husband and children. It was a nice lifestyle and we perhaps did things that everyday people couldn’t but I always liked to keep it real. I never let it change me and I’m happier for that.

“As a Christian, I’ve never been one to go on about worldly possessions anyway. The love and satisfaction that Jesus brings is much more valuable than anything this world can offer, whether that be money or fame.”

Janine, who was born in North West London, could perhaps be forgiven for showing a bit of swagger. After all, she’s quite a talent in her own right – her stunning voice has enabled her to sing with some of the biggest names in the music industry throughout the world.

But typically, Janine doesn’t like to make too much of a fuss about that, either.

She casually recalls how she has shared the stage as a backing vocalist for Westlife and Boyzone, and she also sang at half-time in ‘quite a big football match’ between Italy and England at the European Championships.

She has worked with Andrew Lloyd-Webber, she toured with 90s R&B star Shola Ama and her previous band – Raymond & Co – once won GMTV’s Gospel Challenge which earned her a record contract and a tour of America.

“I was brought up in church singing and always enjoyed it from the age of five,” she says.

“My Christian faith has always played a huge part in everything I’ve done. God is everything to me and I know that without him I’d be nothing. The Bible says that all good things are from above and I recognise that my singing gift is from the Lord.

“I’m from a musical family but I never thought I was anything special. I’d sing in choirs and would never take the lead but one day someone was absent so up I stepped. The rest is history.

“Through my contacts in the church people would get to know me and I’d end up travelling and singing with big pop artists.”

It was during the height of her travelling that she met Bruce (pictured right), who became a popular player for Crystal Palace, Watford and Barnsley during an impressive football career.

“I had no idea who he was,” Janine laughs.

“I sang with his brother so had known him for a while but I had no idea he had been spying on me!”

Janine’s career slowed down when she became a mum but after giving birth to baby number three in 2010, she started to pick up pace again. She is working on her debut album and has launched a community choir in Sheffield.

She added: “Programmes like Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor and The Voice have made people realise that they can go somewhere with their gift.

“I’ve actually done guide vocals for some people who have been on X Factor and I always get asked if I’m going to enter but it’s not for me. I don’t like how they get so intrusive into your life behind the scenes so if I was to go on a show it’d more likely be The Voice because they actually focus on your talent.”

Photo top right: Barnsley Chronicle

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