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Student ministry plans tour of every uni in 1974 VW Campervan

The Road Trip: One Van. Two Years. Every uni location. It's quite a trip ahead for Fusion student mission developer Miriam Swaffield …

Miriam is undertaking a two-year journey aimed at fuelling and strengthening the emerging church-based student mission movement.

Students are one of the largest, most clearly defined, and least reached people groups in the UK. The Road Trip aims to equip students who love God to love their universities more effectively.

Miriam will meet with local church leaders and Christian students inspiring and encouraging them to live missional lives. She will participate in expressions of student mission all around the country; and will be well placed to share and tell the wider student mission story across the UK. She will call students to commit to support the movement through prayer and resourcing. She will also encourage and work with church-based student groups to share the message of Jesus with non-Christian students on campus.

The Road Trip will follow in the footsteps of Wesley through three goals:

1 Encourage the Church: Challenging and encouraging a mission-shaped student lifestyle.
2 Bring a message of Jesus that is relevant for non-Christian students and speaks into the heart of student culture with a challenge to follow Jesus.
3 Create Community: The van will serve as a hub for conversation, resourcing, prayer and outreach activities.

The camper van will be a literal vehicle for student mission throughout university campuses. It will attract attention, spark conversation, nurture and release missional actions and events. Miriam will take along with her resources for both Christian and non-Christian students. Living Mission, a book written by Miriam Swaffield and Rich Wilson that tells stories and inspires student mission will be available from the van.

Miriam says: “It’s a bit of a crazy attempt to road trip to every uni location in an unreliable classic VW, but such an adventure too. Every student I’ve met has wanted to join the Road Trip or find out more about the local church and student mission. I hope students see through the commitment of the Road Trip, just how committed Jesus is to seeing this generation come home.”

Fusion team leader Rich Wilson adds: “Mission and especially student mission was never meant to be safe. Mission is an exciting adventure with God at the steering wheel, and it seems that God doesn’t just stick to the safe routes and going at 30mph. So this is about revving the engine, calling students to make their time at Uni count and believing that there is much more to discover when students live all out for Jesus in the university culture.“

Fusion is fuelling the fires of a national student mission movement. It equips students through resourcing discipleship, inspiring evangelism, and preparing new students for the university experience. It serves churches through Student Linkup and strengthening church-based student ministries. It develops Student Workers through training, resourcing and encouragement.


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