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Love Beyond: epic show to premiere in Brighton

An ambitious musical aiming to tell 'the greatest love story of all time' has its premiere in Brighton on Sunday night …

An ambitious musical aiming to tell 'the greatest love story of all time' has its premiere in Brighton on Sunday night …

Love Beyond is written and produced by Richard Haley, whose dream has been to put together a major dramatic and musical piece exploring the Christian faith.

He says: "The story I felt I really wanted to tell was what I understood the Christian faith to be. I didn’t want to home in on the details, or particular views or opinions, but focus on the big picture: Who is God? Who is Jesus? Why, why, why? I wanted to express my understanding and beliefs through the most expressive language I know. Music."

The show at the Brighton Centre features a stack of high quality performers with years of theatre, TV and radio experience including West End actress Tabitha Webb (co-writer and musical supervisor), who appeared with Hugh Jackman in the film version of Les Miserables, artistic director Israel Oyelumade, who has performed with the RSC and in a number of Hollywood movies; and arranger/musical director Robbie Webb, a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and arranger working in jazz, soul and funk music.

Joined by a top class cast of singers, actors and dancers, Love Beyond is expected to deliver a hugely entertaining evening, while giving a clear and powerful message about God's love for his world.

As Richard explains: "It is a love story like no other, on an epic scale, spanning the whole of history, and one that will immediately captivate audiences, move them, and lift their hearts and spirits. The production has a great many spine tingling moments and I expect people to leave feeling both touched and inspired."

Supported by Tearfund and UCB, hopes are that Love Beyond will be more than just a one-off show, but could become a touring musical reaching thousands in the UK and beyond.

Tickets for the show, which starts at 6pm, range from £28 to £49 and are available HERE.

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Photo top: Simon Shorten as Jesus

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