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Conference for Christians in the NHS will tackle big issues

Liverpool is to host one in a series of national conferences for Christians working within the NHS, exploring current issues such as end of life care and corporate manslaughter ...

Liverpool is to host one in a series of national conferences for Christians working within the NHS, exploring current issues such as end of life care and corporate manslaughter.

God Loves the NHS takes place at the Clinical Sciences Centre, Aintree University Hospital on Saturday 28 September. General Secretary of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) Kevin Vaughan will be the keynote speaker. ICMDA is a global movement uniting and developing national Christian medical and dental organisations in over 60 countries.

Participants can also attend a range of seminars including Compassion and Spiritual Care (led by Ruth Pryce, Chaplain and Nurse at Marie Curie) and Nobody is Perfect: Professionalism and Making Mistakes in a Life and Death Situation led by Dr John Holden, a GP from Garswood Surgery, St Helens.

The aim of the conference to inspire, uplift and resource Christians who work within the NHS. Delegates don't need to be regular churchgoers and it is open to both clinical and non-clinical staff.

Bruce Pennie, Consultant, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at Aintree University Hospital, is involved in this year’s conference. He said: “This year’s programme deals with issues at the forefront of life in the NHS and looks at them from a faith perspective. The session on Compassion and Spiritual Care, led by a nurse who is now chaplain at Marie Curie in Woolton, will feed into current issues surrounding the government’s decision to scrap the Liverpool Care Pathway in favour of individualised care pathways for dying patients.”

Mr Pennie added: “The seminar on making mistakes in a life and death environment is especially apt in light of the recent announcement that Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust is to face a prosecution for corporate manslaughter, and the decision announced this week that nurses are going to join doctors in having to go through a process or regularly revalidating their professional registration. The purpose of this conference is to really think through issues like this and reflect on how our faith can enable and support us in our vital work.”

Other seminars and workshops include sexuality, relationships and marriage, serving in Africa, sharing your faith in the NHS, listening, stress and life balance. As well as workshops there will be an opportunity to worship God, receive prayer and network with other Christians in the NHS.

This is the second God Loves the NHS Conference in Liverpool. As a result of last year’s conference, a monthly prayer and support group meeting was set up on the Aintree site, as an opportunity for Christian growth and mutual support.

Please book your place at £25 (£20)

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