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Inside Out: Church Army's mission to change lives

Discover how Church Army’s Centre of Mission in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, is transforming lives with the Gospel as part of its Inside Out campaign ...

Discover how Church Army’s Centre of Mission in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, is transforming lives with the Gospel as part of its Inside Out campaign ...

“The first time I met Brian from Church Army was during a really low point in my life. My marriage had recently broken up and I found myself drinking a lot.

“My world felt pretty empty and I had little to fill my days with as I didn’t have a job.

“During this time, Brian set up a lunch club at St Saviour’s Church in Craigavon, where people from the nearby estates could get together and share food.

“I decided to go along, and over the past year-and-a-half it has been a really good place to meet new friends. It is also one of the only times of the week that I can enjoy eating a meal with other people.

“I’ve also started going to the men’s breakfast each month. There have been some really interesting people telling us about their faith including a rugby player, kick-boxer and a former prisoner.

“Throughout all of this Brian has gone out of his way to visit me each week and has helped me sort myself out. I can’t thank him enough.”

These incredible words of hope from Bernie are just one story of a life impacted by Church Army’s team at the Craigavon Centre of Mission. As part of the Inside Out campaign, Church Army are highlighting their transforming work and how person-by-person the Gospel is changing their neighbourhood.

As it says in John 1:14: “The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us”. So at Church Army, they too are motivated to share the Good News with those they live among.

The Craigavon Centre of Mission is based at St Saviour’s Church, which is surrounded by housing estates constructed in the 1960s as part of a new town development.

Sadly, the development failed to meet expectations, with less than half of the building work being completed due to unemployment, a lack of new residents and the start of The Troubles. All of this has left a legacy of hopelessness and deprivation.

Yet Church Army’s team of Evangelists, Myrtle Morrison, Matt Rowley, and formerly Brian Wisener, are working hard to change this as they share their faith through words and action.

By working with the local church they are reaching and uniting the community through ministries including school assemblies, hospital chaplaincy, children’s and youth work and house-to-house visiting.

“Our daughter can see the change in us”

Noel and Kathleen from St Saviour’s share how they have recently become Christians, thanks to the team’s work

“Years ago when our children were growing up we went to church regularly,” explains Noel, “but as they became older we drifted away.

“Then, quite recently, we began to think about our lives and the choices we’ve made, and we decided to go back to church hoping it would make us better people. So we started coming along to St Saviour’s where we met the Church Army team.

“One day, as I was about to go out to football, I was reading the Bible and I realised that going to church just wasn’t enough. Instead I realised Kathleen and I needed to accept Jesus into our lives and make a commitment. So we went forward for confirmation and haven’t looked back since.

“Myrtle, Matt and Brian have really helped teach the Bible to us in a way we can understand and relate to. And we’ve become more and more involved at St Saviour’s.

“Our daughter has even commented she can see the change in us and how we live, which is just brilliant.”

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