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Kenya: how your church can bring bread to the hungry

Claire Whitmore outlines how you and your church can help support brothers and sisters worldwide lacking the very basics of life ...

Claire Whitmore outlines how you and your church can help support brothers and sisters worldwide lacking the very basics of life

Christians talk about bread a lot. From Elijah being brought bread by ravens and a widow, to Jesus breaking bread at the Last Supper, bread features across the scriptures, both as God literally feeds hungry people, and as he provides spiritual nourishment.

At Christian Aid, we are no exception. We have a vision of a world in which everyone has their daily bread. Tonight 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry, and in a created world in which there is enough for all, we believe this is an utter scandal.

Until recently John Ngari (pictured above) could have been one of the real lives behind that statistic. Farming his land in Kenya, he was extremely vulnerable to changing weather patterns – if there was no rain, there was little food. No daily bread.

Christian Aid’s local partner Christian Community Services Mount Kenya East (CCSMKE) works to help farmers like John move from this knife-edge existence to flourishing.

CCSMKE sends John and other farmers detailed, local, weather forecasts to their mobile phones, with advice and tips about what to plant when. They have also given training in soil and crop management to deal with the changes in wet and dry seasons.

John says: “This has made such a difference for my family. There is an increase in harvest and there is food security in my family. Our animals also get food too.

“I thank the Lord for everything I have. I’ve seen a very changed life. I’m able to sustain myself and help others. As it says – give us today our daily bread.”

All over the world, Christian Aid is working with local partners like CCSMKE to help people pull themselves out of poverty and ensure they have their daily bread.

Be the raising agent in your church

But as any good bread baker will tell you, in order for bread to rise, it needs a vital ingredient – yeast. We rely on a network of churches and supporters in the UK and Ireland to give, act and pray with us on behalf of the world’s poor. Our ‘raising agent’ Church Contacts help their churches to support us all year round.

Could you be Christian Aid’s contact in your church?

Church Contacts receive e-mails every month and a folder of church resources four times a year, for Lent, Harvest, Christmas and Christian Aid Week. These include worship and prayer materials, campaign actions and fundraising tools. You can use as many or as few as you wish to get your church involved.

Sign up using this form, visit or phone 020 7523 2493.


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