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New app aims to organise your prayer life

An updated app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users is promising to help users organise their prayer life ...

A new version of the PrayerMate app has been released for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. The new update allows you to subscribe to online content from many organisations like Open Doors UK, UCCF The Christian Unions, Church Society and Crosslinks, as well numerous local churches such as St. Helen’s Bishopsgate.

What makes the app really unique, say its creators, is how you can pray for these organisations alongside your personal prayer points for all of your friends and family.

A new companion website also allows churches and mission organisations to publish their prayer diary online by just copying and pasting from an existing newsletter or bulletin. The site can post prayer points to Twitter and Facebook each day, as well as making them available to users of the PrayerMate app.

Lee Gatiss, Director of Church Society, says “Churches, and Christian organisations like Church Society, only move forward when they're backed by people committed to prayer. PrayerMate is a simply wonderful tool to help build a community of praying disciples. As a regular user myself, I'm delighted to see these new features which enable me to pray more effectively for the causes God has put on my heart.”

The app was originally conceived as a way to help absent-minded Christians who tell people “I’ll pray for you!” but then immediately forget and fail to pray. It also helps you take control of the large numbers of email prayer letters that fill up your inbox but never quite get turned into actually praying. The one thing it can’t do is do the actual praying for you.

Developer Andy Geers says: “Our church publishes a daily prayer point each week, but I never remember to take the piece of paper with me. Now with PrayerMate they’re right there on my mobile every morning”.

The online element is transformative for users, and give a new voice to churches and mission organisations whilst helping them reach a whole new generation of prayer supporters.


• PrayerMate first launched in May 2011, and recently celebrated its 3000th download.
• It was a finalist in the Christian New Media Awards 2011 in the “Best Use of Mobile Web” category
• It is available from the App Store for £1.99 at
• PrayerMate’s developer is Andy Geers, a software developer from North London. By day he works for the startup Hubbub who let you shop online with a vibrant community of local independent shops. He works on PrayerMate in the scraps of free time he can find between being a husband and father, and being involved at Euston Church, London

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