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Survey reveals 1 in 4 abused on social media

A new survey on abuse via social media shows 75% think Facebook and Twitter have a moral responsibility to stop it ...

The Social Abuse Survey, released today, provides a snapshot of the extent of abuse on social media. The survey, conducted on Facebook with 250 respondents, reveals:
• 1 in 4 people have direct experience of bullying, abuse or threats on social media
• 83% say social media makes it easy to get away with abuse
• 3 out of 4 say Twitter, Facebook have moral responsibility to stop abuse
The full results are in an infographic here.
Hours after Twitter UK boss Tony Wang apologised to women abused on the social media platform, the historian Mary Beard received a tweeted bomb threat. Responding to the Social Abuse Survey, Mary Beard says:
"I think better Twitter reporting mechanisms will help. But really it is the responsibility of all of us to police Twitter and other social media for ourselves, to shout and to name and shame. Twitter hasn't encouraged misogyny, it's exposed it!"
Social commentator Simon Cohen, who is behind the survey, says: "I have experienced violent threats on social media before, and it is deeply upsetting. If more than a quarter of us are experiencing some kind of abuse, something urgent needs to be done.

"Qualitative research is now needed to understand the extent of online abuse, and what will help stop it."

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