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Thousands of European students hear the gospel in 25-city campaign

An ambitious campaign of outreach in cities across Europe led by Christian student ministries is seeking to turn the tables on secularism ...

The mainstream media consistently reports that Christianity is dying in Europe and that the rise of secularism is unstoppable. But events experienced by the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) suggests otherwise ...

Through an exciting new evangelistic initiative, IFES is witnessing thousands of students hearing and responding to the gospel in Europe’s universities.

The Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER), a joint IFES and UCCF initiative started in 2008, is seeing thousands of students hear and respond to the gospel.  

Led by Lindsay Brown, International Director of Lausanne Movement, Richard Cunningham, current Director of UCCF, and Martin Haizmann, IFES Europe Regional Secretary, FEUER brings together Europe’s brightest young evangelists to publicly proclaim the gospel and engage in discussion and debate on the truth of the Christian message.

FEUER is currently in the middle of a continent-wide campaign to hold university missions in 25 major cities in 25 countries in 25 months.

The past six months alone has seen the first ever university missions held in Poland, Romania, Armenia and Malta (where the mission attracted the Maltese Prime Minister and was featured on national news), thousands hear gospel presentations at over 90 missions in UK universities, and many hundreds make professions of faith or sign up for further discussions.

One mission week in Serbia alone, saw over 1,700 students crowded into an auditorium to hear an evangelistic message and more than 35,000 following on the internet.

Over the next few months, mission weeks are planned in Germany, Italy, Albania, and Denmark.

Lindsay Brown, Director of the FEUER Network, says: "FEUER is bearing remarkable fruit right across Europe. Hundreds of students are coming to Christ and the next generation of public evangelists are being trained to follow in the footsteps of Michael Green, Roger Carswell and Jurgen Spiess. These are exciting times! Please pray for us."


Sarah Breuel, staff worker with GBU Italy, reflects for Live Life on the power of the resurrection.

"‘I see dead people,’ said the nine-year-old boy in the famous movie The Sixth Sense.

"Celebrate with us the students in GBU Italy who are now following the Giver of Life.

"Many of us here in GBU Italy are joining the young boy with the weird claim: we are also seeing dead people. People who are not physically dead, but also not fully alive. And more, we are also seeing, right in front of our eyes, some people being resurrected: students who were previously dead are now alive!

"One of them is Marialaura, a student of Physics in Rome. Sitting on the stairs of the Science Faculty one Thursday afternoon, a group of students were looking at the biblical text about Jesus and Nicodemus. In it, Jesus made some audacious claims that people had to be ‘born again’ to really live, and that those that would do so, would have a kind of life that would not end.

"As she looked to the text, we gently asked her: ‘Were you ever born again?

"‘I’m not sure,’ she answered, looking puzzled by what it could mean. But when she heard that if she decided to believe and follow this Jesus of Nazareth she could have a life that would not end, she said with a smile, ‘Yes, I want that for me!’

"A Chinese law student named Sofia is another who was ‘resurrected’. She came to Italy knowing very little about Christianity. Through friendship with a Christian student and a Seekers Bible Study, she now follows Jesus and is joyfully sharing him with her friends. It has been incredible to see the life she is radiating to her friends!"

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