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Christian arts ministries encourage churches to pray for the entertainment world

When ITV screens the Olivier Awards on Sunday 28 April, churches across the UK will be lifting the arts professions heavenwards ...

When ITV screens the Olivier Awards on Sunday 28 April, churches across the UK will be lifting the arts professions heavenwards.
A new initiative from several Christian arts groups representing performers, artists, and creators within the world of stage, TV, film and media is inviting people to pray for their profession.
“We thought Olivier Sunday offered a good opportunity to ask people to pray for the arts and entertainment professions on the same day as this popular televised event,” explained Chris Gidney, Director of Christians in Entertainment.

“As a commercial producer, writer and performer myself, I know just how pressurised working in the business can be, but also how influential it is in our everyday lives.”
Arts Centre Group spokesperson Susanne Scott said: “It’s so important to remember to thank God for the creative skills he has given us. Imagine a world without colour, shape, and sound!”
Fellow artist and Director of Christian group Artisan, Steve Cole added: “It’s an important time to pray for our world and those within it, and the arts, media and entertainment have such a crucial part to play. I know that prayer makes a difference.”
“Churches and individuals can download ideas, videos and resources from our websites,” said Chris. “We’ve even written a simple prayer that churches can pray as part of their service that day.”
Chris explained that as the Olivier Awards are being presented, more adventurous local churches across the UK will be using drama, dance and music as part of their services, whilst others will be holding exhibitions of painting, photography, sculpture and textiles.
“This year`s Olivier Awards promises to be the nation’s biggest day of prayer for the arts and entertainment ever,” said Chris. “We want to encourage as many churches and individuals as possible are part of it in a small or as big a way as they decide. It will certainly be an award-winning day for many”.
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