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Technology entrepreneur launches world's most social Bible

Kevin Mann, founder of Graphicly, has launched – the first online space where individuals can discover the Bible, together ...

Kevin Mann, founder of the highly acclaimed tech company Graphicly, has launched – the first online space where individuals can discover the Bible, together.

Kevin who is the architect behind this latest project, together with co-founder Rachel Burns, has designed the site to provide a unique platform for individuals to not only read the Bible, but also track their journey and share their experience with others.

The site has a number of ground breaking features including “walks”, “footprints”, and “discovery”, which encourage users to explore the Bible, be inspired and share their faith along side other users, as well as their personal contacts and friends on various social media platforms.

Kevin said: “With Audacious we wanted to create a Bible-reading experience that allowed people to share their journey, to not just discover God’s Word but reflect how he is working in their lives with others. We have a number of additional features that we will be looking to launch over the coming months, including an app for the iPhone and Android platforms and we are excited to see how users engage with now that we have launched.”

Kevin Mann, 29 was named by Bloomberg Business Week as one of 2010’s Top Young Entrepreneurs in Technology and attended the TechStars program that same year in Colorado, where he received mentoring support from Microsoft, Google and AOL. Having raised over $5 million in investment for his first project, Graphicly, he and Rachel Burns aim to build an experience that allows truly social Bible engagement.

The project, which is funded by both Christian investors, including Sir Peter Vardy and groups from the technology sector, aims to be the first Bible experience to allow online users to explore and share the text as it was originally intended, in community.

Investor Sir Peter Vardy says, “Audacious are a bright and creative team. I saw the potential of what they were doing and was pleased to invest alongside North Star and others to help this British company progress to the next stage.”

Twitter: @audacioushq, Facebook: audacioushq

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