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‘Share the love’ and help a family into a decent home

This Valentine’s Day Habitat for Humanity is asking couples and singles alike to 'share the love' and support Habitat for Humanity ...

In October 2012 two married couples volunteered together to spend a week in Nepal building a family out of poverty, with Christian international development charity Habitat for Humanity.  This February, the charity wants more people to ‘share the love’!

Rosalind, 54, and Guy Durdant-Hollamby, 56 from Sevenoaks in Kent, and Nikky, 54, and Paul Goozee, 56, from Tonbridge in Kent, joined over 50 volunteers from the UK and more than 400 international volunteers in the tiny village of Dhulikhel in Nepal. Alongside local families, the volunteers built safe, decent homes – the first that the families in Dhulikhel had ever known.

Rosalind said: “It was my faith which motivated me to volunteer. I’d desperately wanted to do something practical for a long time, and when I signed up to do it I burst into tears! The family we were helping – their house was a very narrow site and with difficult access.  The family’s old house had completely fallen down and they were renting a room. It was very moving and humbling when we saw what they were managing to live in. At the end of the build Guy and I led the dedication ceremony. We used the slogan – ‘change hearts, join hands, build homes’.”

The family they helped was that of Arnakumari Basnet and her children and grandchildren. Previous to the volunteers’ arrival the eight members of the Basnet family had lived in a tiny house that leaked in the rain and had a roof so low that they could barely stand up. They had tried to patch up the holes with plastic bags but with little success. The collapsing back wall was supported by wooden beams. Arnakumari and her family had struggled for decades with appallingly low incomes and terrible living conditions.

The two couples were involved in building walls, mixing and applying render made with cow-dung, painting and much more.

Habitat for Humanity works in Nepal and over 70 other countries worldwide including the UK, helping families to build safe, decent homes. Fighting poverty through building homes, the international charity aims to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness.

This Valentine’s Day Habitat for Humanity is asking couples and singles alike to 'share the love' and support Habitat for Humanity. Go to  to find out more.

(Photo: Habitat for Humanity)

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