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Fuel poverty action call for London churches

Along with the launch of the Seasonal Health Intervention Network (SHINE) in the London Boroughs of Islington and Hackney, came a call for London’s churches to take action ...

As part of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, Christian Ecology Link has joined the Energy We Can All Afford campaign, which aims to enshrine residential domestic energy efficiency into the UK Government’s Energy Bill – for warmer homes, lower bills, a cooler planet – and growth for the green economy.

This week (23 January 2013) saw the launch of the Seasonal Health Intervention Network (SHINE)  in the London Boroughs of Islington and Hackney, and with it came a call for London’s churches to take action.

SHINE aims to deliver a package of 20 services for vulnerable households suffering from the poor winter weather, including help to improve home warmth, arrange health and benefit checks to make sure all those who need them receive winter fuel payments. It provides a single point of referral to assist service providers in providing a comprehensive service to clients and patients.

Churches that generate referrals to this programme receive a small payment, which will help them fund their own initiatives to help those on the edge of society. Through schemes like SHINE local churches can help increase affordable home comfort and reduce fuel poverty and deaths due to cold.

Christian Ecology Link supports this scheme, and those in neighbouring London Boroughs, such as HEET, providing home draught-proofing and insulation in Waltham Forest.

Green Christians all over the country are being urged to contact their Local Authority to find out about local energy efficiency provision, and to research what new Green Deal and ECO measures may be available to assist the financing of home energy renovations.

Since December 2010 SHINE has helped over 3,000 vulnerable households, but is requesting the help of smaller voluntary and faith sector organisations to reach many more.

It has assistance from National Energy Action to launch a trial referral incentives programme.

“Each valid referral received will result in a payment to your organisation of £2.50,” said a SHINE spokesperson.



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