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Online campaign to help believers become more like Jesus

Langham Partnership has launched an online discipleship initiative called 9-a-day: Becoming like Jesus ...

Becoming like Jesus is God’s purpose for every Christian, believes the Langham Partnership, which has launched the 9-a-day campaign in order to encourage this kind of personal transformation.

The figure 9 relates to the nine fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5: 22-23, which all Christians are encouraged to allow God to grow in their lives.

"We become more like Jesus as we hear and obey God’s Word, and cultivate the fruit of God’s Spirit," said a spokesperson. "Langham Partnership strengthens the
ministry of God’s Word by training and resourcing Christian leaders who preach and teach the Bible so that their churches grow in Christlikeness and maturity."

The website has been stocked with a mass of free resources for Christians keen to take this journey of transformation to new depths. And more material will be released each month from now until July 2013.

You can watch a variety of well known UK Christians sharing their views on this crucial issue of Christlikeness. If they inspire you to take action then you can watch a series of video workshops on the nine fruit of the Spirit.

Share your stories on the website or keep an eye on the conversation at Twitter via the hashtag #9aday.

Of course, millions of Christians around the globe have a similar desire to grow to maturity in Christ. You can watch them working with Langham Partnership in the Majority World where most Christians now live.

And you can also read the results of a recently published national survey of Christians in the UK asking them about their views and habits to encourage this crucial journey of transformation.

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