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Called to help the fatherless

Therese (Tess) Hood explains why she want to help the fatherless – as well as dads who have been cast aside ...

Ten years ago, single mum Therese (Tess) Hood was challenged by God to attend a Fathers for Justice meeting. Since then she’s been working to help the fatherless – as well as dads who have been cast aside, and has recently launched an album ...

“When I went along to the Fathers for Justice meeting and engaged in conversations with various dads including an American father, it seemed that the father’s role was becoming surplus to requirements. And yet, this is in complete opposition to our Lord’s heart as the perfect Father,” says Tess.

“I believe the Lord has given me such a passion for the fatherless because I’ve experienced the acute pain of living without a father in the home. My sons are missing out on the positive male role model that boys so desperately need.”

Following some research into fathers’ groups, Tess came across Young Dads TV which supports and encourages young fathers in their important role.

“Not only do so many children lack a father, but mothers too are stretched beyond their limits by having to provide financially, practically and emotionally, “ says Tess.

“I believe God, with his father’s love is the only way forward in what is becoming a society of orphans with no solid foundations in their lives. This is why I strongly support Young Dads TV.

“I also believe God wants to encourage and engage Christian men to fill the father’s role in communities and, wherever possible, display the love and compassion of the one true Father.”

Tess set up her own record label Jubilee Records UK in 2009 and has recently launched her own album From Broken to Bethany. It highlights some of the issues close to her heart, including fatherhood.

“The song Lament for the Fathers is the heart cry of a child longing to be with their father,” says Tess.



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