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Youth action community launched to work towards an end to poverty

Christian Aid has launched a new movement to encourage and inspire young people to come together to tackle injustice ...

The Christian Aid Collective will bring together young people from across the UK to wrestle with the big issues surrounding global poverty and work together to do something about it.

A new website has launched which aims to highlight some of the systems which keep people poor and suggests ways people can come together to change them.

To mark the launch a film, More Than Food, directed by Jonny Flint, has been released which mirrors the vision of the early Church in Acts 4 where Christians pooled their resources to meet the needs of all.

Laura Bardwell, Christian Aid’s Church Youth Manager, said: "The Collective is more than a brand, it’s a community.

“Inspired by the early Church, we believe that community is a powerful force for good. So we want to invite young people from across the Church to come together to work towards an end to poverty in the global community we’re all a part of today – a community that encompasses every last human being on the planet."

Jim Atkins, Christian Aid Collective’s Web Editor, who helped produce the film said: “It’s been such a privilege to be part of the journey of this film. Not only is the message powerful, it’s based on biblical principles which can so easily transition into our modern society.

“The concept of a global community is innovative and exciting. It’s something which has the potential to inspire and encourage thousands of young people to unite their passion and use their voices to make a difference.”

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