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Testimony: discovering God's power in the midst of my pain

When chronic pain put an end to Matt Farrants’ work as a care giver, he soon found himself on the receiving end of care. Matt describes what he has learned from God in the process ...

When chronic pain put an end to Matt Farrants’ work as a care giver, he soon found himself on the receiving end of care. Matt describes what he has learned from God in the process

After a workplace injury left me with a weak back, I gained employment with a home care company, organising care packages for mainly elderly people.

The following year I found the Lord Jesus and overnight was healed of my addiction to cigarettes. Not long afterwards I became involved in the town’s soup kitchen and it ignited a passion in me for broken people.

One day I bent to pick up a towel and split an already ruptured disc in my lower back. This incident defines the beginning of my new life living with chronic pain.

It has led to many hospital admissions, high doses of painkilling drugs and countless sleepless nights.

In 2011 I moved into a property adapted for those with disabilities. I now use a wheelchair for all outdoor activities and a Rollator for walking around my home.

When I became disabled I had only been a Christian for six months. Prior to this I was self-reliant, focused on material things and had a history of failed relationships, including a marriage.

God placed me in a wonderful church family at Rushmere Christian Fellowship, Ipswich. They have given me magnificent physical and emotional support.

I realised early on in my Christian journey that I was weak in so many areas where I thought I had been strong. I discovered I had to give all of myself to God if I wanted him to work in my life as fully as he wanted to.

I went from trying to do things in my own power to doing things in his.

God has provided for me in so many ways. Financially I have become more solvent, even though these days I rely on benefits rather than a wage packet. This should have been the opposite really. I have received blessings in the form of cash gifts being put through my door with “love from God” on the envelope.

God has moved in many of my medical appointments including bringing an operation forward by many weeks.

I know from my experience that God will not give us more to deal with than we are able to cope with. It was always as my strength wavered that he stepped forward.

God has loved me, comforted me and used my experience as a witness to others. Often people comment about how wonderfully I manage. I know that I only do so because I have the Holy Spirit working in my life.

God has brought me into contact with two new friends and brothers in Christ through the organisation Lifelines. These two men are American prisoners on Death Row and writing to them has been one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had.

I assumed it would be me offering the support, encouragement and love, but instead it has become a mutually loving, encouraging and truly life-changing time. God is using me in my physical weakness and God has used my pen pals in their weakness to show me what Christian love is.

I have also met a woman friend whose disability is almost identical to my own. She was paralysed from the waist down at the age of 27 and had moved far from God, but now he is rebuilding her trust in him. I believe God has brought us together for a purpose.

The most important thing I have discovered on my journey is what God has done for us.
Regardless of our battles with ill health, addictions or anger – or anything else we may face, Jesus died the most painful death so that we can be with him in eternity. This gives me great hope, encouragement and a future where I know one day I will be free.

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