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Fusion encourages churches to build on 2012 Games outreach success

Churches need to keep up the momentum to make a real difference, says Fusion ...

During the 2012 Games, hundreds of churches around the UK engaged with their communities in new and exciting ways. But one organisation is warning that unless churches keep up the momentum, that time could have been a wasted opportunity.

Over the summer Fusion Youth and Community UK was actively working as part of More than Gold to support churches in reaching out to their communities. Churches in over 250 villages, towns and suburbs have benefited from their support.

However, National Co-ordinator of the 2012 outreach for Fusion Youth and Community, Marty Woods says there is a real danger stemming from the remarkable successes.

"From the start we knew that what happens in these few weeks isn't the most important thing, it is what happens in the next few years that will actually matter.

“The danger is that the Christian Church has found a new place at the centre of communities in service, and in doing so has built significant social capital, but also built expectations. What has happened during the Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics will either be a remarkable platform on which churches can build, or a series of activities that make an unfulfilled promise."

In a bid to help, Fusion is launching the book 6 Radical Decisions at regional Time of Our Lives Tour venues over the next few weeks. During the tour Hope, Share Jesus International and Fusion Youth and Community will follow up the community connections that took place during the Jubilee and 2012 Games.

Go to for tour details.  6 Radical Decisions is on sale HERE.


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