Back in the autumn of 2017 we paused production of the print magazine for INSPIRE, and did some research amongst readers and the churches who used it. The main findings showed us …

- you want Inspire to be evangelistic with a clear gospel message
- you like the idea of themed versions, especially around older people
- you’d be happy to pay a little for delivery and reduce advertising

So now, using the donations many of you sent to help us continue, we are producing seasonal 'mini magazines' and making them available for you to use offering encouraging, engaging content – still stories, still jargon-free, still designed to be given away. In 2019, we have produced 8-page issues for Easter, and a summer issue themed on mental health. Our Christmas issue (pictured right) is out now – ORDER HERE.

The new smaller size adds THREE new possibilities:

- You can now overprint your details on the back when you order 100 copies, because it can be produced print-to-order. You can do this through CPO here. You can also easily insert an invitation
- You can even replace the story on the back with your own local story or message! Find out more below.
-  themed editions will also feature. The first – on faith in older people was published in Autumn 2018, and the second on mental health (right) came out in 2019. Both are still available from cpo.org.uk/inspire

Inspire is no longer dependent on advertising, but welcomes sponsors for themed editions, and donations so it stays free.


You can order our new mini-mag in packs of 25 or packs of 100.
They are FREE – all you pay is for postage and packing (From £3 for 100 copies).
If you order 100 you can overprint your own details on (though this will incur an additional charge, depending on how many you order) – call our friendly sales team on 01903 263354 or visit  www.cpo.org.uk/inspire.
If you are already on the Inspire list you’ll automatically receive a sample copy of the three seasonal editions, and can tell us how many additional free copies you’d like at this point. It is not the same subscription model as before, but allows more flexibility as themed and personalised editions develop.

We’re excited about the possibilities for our new Inspire format, and look forward to helping you reach your communities with the good news of Jesus. Do pray for us, as we pray for you.

Localising Inspire: replace a story with your own

Just email with 200-250 words and up to three high-resolution images. Please make sure you’ve checked it carefully before you send it through, both for grammar, permissions on the photos (they need to be with permission of the copyright holder) and that anyone in the article is happy to be included! We will then send you a proof and confirm quantity. The studio charge for this is £20, subject to change depending on amends and additional requirements.

(Small print: We take no responsibility for the contents of personalised articles, and retain the right to refuse to publish in certain circumstances. But we will pray that your local story has huge and positive impact in your local community!).

Let us know what you need by emailing us with your full contact details including phone number. Thank you.