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We hope you’ll find our website an inspiring read that you’ll want to come back to and tell others about.

For more than 11 years INSPIRE has been the UK’s biggest reach Christian magazine, going free to churches with a print run of 50,000 and a readership of 150-200,000.

Part of Christian Publishing & Outreach (CPO), the UK’s leading outreach resource provider for churches, INSPIRE has been dedicated to telling the good news stories of God at work transforming individuals, churches and communities around the UK and across the world.

We’ve now reached a point in INSPIRE’s journey where we need to seek a new model for producing our magazine. We are convinced that the UK Church needs to share its inspirational stories more urgently than ever before. So we are already working with CPO on a new kind of INSPIRE … and we’d love your input.

Over the last couple of years advertising revenue and partnerships and readers' generous donations have not kept pace with the rising costs of producing, printing and distributing a 50,000 run magazine. We believe the exciting new approach we are exploring will be better able to do this.


The new-style Inspire will focus on themes and key areas of local ministry which affect churches and communities nationwide. It will tell stories of transformation, how God has worked through churches and relationships, each time focused on a specific issue, with advertising which shows you the resources and organisations that can help.

It will be useful for church leaders as a collectable resource; for church members with inspiration, encouragement and advice , and a really great giveaway for friends and community members.

The new-style Inspire is aiming for relaunch later in 2018, and until then all the resources we have received will go towards its rebirth and future development.

Our first planned issue will tackle ministering to and through older people: how churches can use their talents and reach them more effectively. You’ll be reading stories of how God is at work through churches in all sorts of ways.

We’d carry testimonies and examples, useful both for encouraging your congregation and sharing with your friends, plus stories and advice from organisations working in this area.

Our second planned issue will look at mental health. Other issues we hope to produce – with the usual mix of stories and resources, ideal to give away – could explore how God is at work through:
- cross cultural communities
- working with children and young people
- learning from the global church

We’d love to know your ideas and thoughts. You can email me at russbravo@cpo.org.uk or there’s a short online survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/inspiresurvey2018

God bless

Russ Bravo
Editor, Inspire

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