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Could your church use a 'reverse missionary'?

Latin Link would like to hear from churches who could benefit from the expertise of a Latin American 'reverse missionary' ...

In the recent BBC TV series Reverse Missionaries, three missionaries from other cultures came to the UK to see if they could get the secularised British to listen to the Gospel. But this is nothing new, says the Christian organisation Latin Link who brought their first Latin American missionary to Britain more than 10 years ago.

These missionaries are now serving God through the local church in some of the toughest places in our cities, especially among groups of migrants and those whom the church has found hardest to reach.

More recently, Emilio from Argentina has come to work with a church in Melksham for a year. He helps run groups for local children and elderly people, who hugely appreciate him, and has encouraged the church to begin reaching out to teenagers at the local skate park.

Sayuri from Peru has just arrived to work alongside a church in Bethnal Green. She’s helping with their youth and children’s work, along with outreach to vulnerable women.

Latin Link would like to hear from churches who could benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm of a Latin American ‘reverse missionary’. They are currently looking for placements of six to 24 months for more individuals and families, like Carolina from Chile, who has skills in working with children with disabilities and helping them grow in faith; and the Marroquin family, experienced evangelists from Guatemala.

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