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When maybe a little humour goes a long way

Don't you just hate those stereotypical portrayals of Christians as dour so-and-sos whose only joy is judging others?

I can't stand it when people make rash generalisations about Christians and the Church.

I can't stand it when a perception is blithely repeated, despite the fact it simply isn't true.

I can't stand it even more when the rash generalisation might have something in it, and the perception is generally our fault.

But one that persists and needs a good kicking is that Christians have no sense of humour, and can't laugh at themselves. Most of the believers I know enjoy a good laugh, and are all too aware of the daftness of church life, on occasion.

They also know better than to take themselves too seriously.

So I'm delighted to be part of a new initiative by Inspire publishers CPO called FourEwe. It's a website offering Christian cards and gifts that are distinctively different – often fun, certainly fresh and engaging and hopefully things that you actually wouldn't mind sending to a friend.

I wouldn't normally use this spot to plug something, but I'd love your feedback on FourEwe. Head for and see what you think. The Humour cards are mostly under Humour (clever, that), and there's a decent range of Christmas and greeting cards, as well as books, film, music, children's items and other gifts like T-shirts, mugs and notecards.

You can share items you like on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and we're always interested in good ideas for future items. Tell us your thoughts!

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