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Inside this month Dec 07

A full listing of features in our December issue and a preview of some of the subjects coming up in our January issue

Contents December 2007

Cover stories

* West End star Laura Michelle Kelly talks faith, divorce and keeping Christ in Christmas

* When Christmas is a challenge Three women share their stories of coping with a less than perfect day

* Don’t let Christmas cost the earth Here’s 7 ways to go green

* With my son in prison, I dreaded Christmas’ A brave mother shares her story and pays tribute to the ministry that helped her through

* Our choice of beautiful gifts that give hope, raise funds or help to save the planet


* How to be a godly grandmother We can learn a lot form Lois, the New Testament woman whose grandson became a church leader

* ‘My job has many challenges’ An insight into the world of occupational therapy

* All around the world Women from the Philippines, Zimbabwe and Australia share what makes Christmas special for them

* Fighting drug addiction, poverty and making the Bible accessible Here’s three women who are making  difference

* Bake a cake that’s a delicious and healthy treat for friends who are diabetic or dieting

* ‘I have to make positive choices for the future’ Retirement from parish life proves a challenge for one minister’s wife

* Divine dining Our guide to good food restaurants and cafes in our cathedrals and churches

* From cows to crochet figures How your choice of gift is changing lives

* Why do we give gifts at Christmas? Veronica Zundel says we were made to be generous

* Andrew Perry says let’s not forget the real source of Christmas


* Your letters on ethical clothing, grandparenting and the power of prayer

* Bookclub Your views on an inspiring biography and a book calling women to respond to the freedom Jesus offers

For you to win

* £50 of theatre tokens when you solve our Picture Perspective puzzle

* Copies of Baking, Making and Sharing, by Susan Over Delicious ideas for food to share

* Copies of Longing for More, by Ruth Haley Barton our bookclub choice

* Relaxation CD’s, Christmas Praise from Graham Kendrick and a children’s Day-by-day Bible

Coming soon in our January issue of Woman Alive

* At the turn of the year, take some time for a spiritual review

* New ways to share - give your faith a workout at the gym

* Re-energise - 10 ways to boost your energy


Real life stories:
‘We’d been kidnapped until we agreed to marry’

‘I never meant to be single’
Three women, single for different reasons, share their stories

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