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Aug 07 Inside this month

A full listing of our August features

Contents August 2007

Real life

* A daughter’s dilemma: ‘When mum came to live with us, she became very isolated’
* An ambition realised: the woman determined to become a doctor despite being deaf
* A parent’s grief: “We were devastated when our daughter had an abortion”
* A life without hope: The plight of the Yemeni women


* Women of the Word: The woman who gave up her longed for son to God
* Holidays that refresh the spirit as well as the body


*  Less is more – the women who champion frugal living

* You need to plan some time just to enjoy life
* Superfoods – sorting out the truth from the myths
* Perfect picnic food to enjoy this summer

Reaching out

* Linking Church and commerce - the woman responsible for developing visitor facilities in Liverpool’s Cathedrals
* Raising funds - My business is helping children all over the world’
* Bringing people together – a shared hobby turns neighbours into friends


* Veronica Zundel considers the changing fads and fashions of food
* Bookclub – your letters on Women- the full story
* Organiser: what to read, what to do and what to buy this month

* Man Alive: food for thought from Russ Bravo

For you to win

* E45 suncare products
*  Inflatable cases for carrying soft fruits
* Ryvita goodness bars and solarsafe ID bands

* Copies of Startling Beauty, by Heather Gemmen

Coming next month
In our September issue

Is money ruining your marriage?

Choosing your child’s education: Private, state schools or home schooling?

Don’t lose what you learn on retreat!

Taking the Gospel to Mind, Body and Spirit Fairs

For you to win – pretty storage boxes with a classic Cath Kidson print

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