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Find out what's inside this month

Pam Rhodes tells of her parents' romance and life together

Does your prayer position affect your prayers?

Three women share their ministry of writing

5 great ways to use rosemary ...


7   September Notes — Inspiration and ideas for the month ahead
25 Change your prayer position — then see how your prayers change
26 Drawing a picture enabled me to hear God’s message for me — One woman’s experience of a creative retreat
30 Nature’s medicine cabinet — The healing power of rosemary
44 Celebrate British Food Fortnight — a tasty recipe for you to try


14 How to pray like Daniel — Anne Graham Lotz on persevering in prayer
16 Feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts? — Simple ways to slow down and fill your life with joy
21 Live in the light of death — It will help you to live better, says Penelope Wilcock
28 How to seek God’s guidance — A masterclass from the story of David
33 Single File — How to cope with tactless comments from church friends


10 Bring in the Kingdom — Dr Eve Poole encourages us to play our part in making the world a better place
34 What’s your ministry? — Three writers explain how they are using their skills to change lives


24 Next month — Coming soon in our October issue
38 Bookclub — What you’re reading and an interview with Bobbie Houston
40 Your letters — What’s inspired and encouraged you in Woman Alive
42 Seasons of the Spirit — Our conference report and pictures
43 Exclusive gifts for you to buy — Introducing the Woman Alive Seasons collection
49 Veronica Zundel — Why a good moan is often the best therapy
50 Man Alive — Will van der Hart on the real problem of perfectionism


22  Yes, you can! — Author Beth Moran on how she overcame her difficulties and changed her life
31  The way they were — Pam Rhodes shares the story of her parents’ romance and marriage

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