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June 07 Inside this issue

A full listing of features in our June issue

Contents June 2007

Woman to Woman

* Anne Graham Lotz shares her own walk with God and encourages us all to seek a deeper relationship with him
* A faithful friend – Susan Bloomfield introduces her hearing dog Heidi


* Eve is not inferior! Elaine Storkey sorts through the confusion surrounding the first woman
* Confess your sins and know God’s forgiveness
* He was a hero- Adrian Plass pays tribute to ‘Woodbine Willie’


* Shared parenting – meet the dads who stay home to care for the children

Make a difference

*  Use your skills and make new friends – three women explain how they did it
* Be inspired by the film Amazing Grace and fight slavery today
* Go greener with our tips for a more eco-friendly lifestyle


* Why is violence so acceptable in our society? Asks Veronica Zundel
* My designer dresses help disadvantaged women in India’ – Seema Isaiah introduces her ethical company
* Your health – The Salvation Army officer who battles agoraphobia
* Chicken and strawberries for dinner – favourite recipes from Michele Guinness
* Organiser – what to buy, see and read this month

For you to win

* Tresemme hairbrushes when you solve this month’s puzzle
* 10 copies of Beth Moore’s Get Out Of That Pit!

Coming next month in our July issue!


* Parenting second time around - when their children couldn't cope as parents, these grandmothers stepped in

* Meeting God in the garden - the private gardens which offer a place to stop and rest awhile

* Should we smack the childen? A psychologist argues for a common sense approach

* The zoo that celebrates creation and offers a grand day out!

* Fit for life - how one woman learnt to stop dieting and start living

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