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2014 BRF/Woman Alive conference latest Controversial IVF issue explored Three women's life-changing hobbies Philip Yancey in the hot seat

Real lives

17     Ken Tada shares – he talks about the challenges and joys of his life with Joni
18     Author Susan Hill  – her writing career, her faith and her new home in Norfolk
23     The IVF debate – one woman’s experience and what she’s learned about different church views
29     “We were horrifically in debt”  – how one woman’s experience led her to help others and start her own charity
30     “God has been faithful” – One reader’s story of trusting God despite prayers that seemed unanswered
50     Philip Yancey  – on his love of mountains, prayer and a clash with Tony Campolo

News, Views & Advice

8       Your letters  – on crafting, a welcoming church and parenting advice for the teen years
20     Veronica Zundel – why the arts are important
32     Wise Mum – when is the right time to leave your kids home alone?
33     Would Like To Meet – the perfect date invitation and how to respond gracefully
36     Healing foods – how the contents of your kitchen cupboard can cure minor health problems
44     Bookclub – recommended reading for the month ahead
51     Next month – what’s inside our March issue

Good things to do  

6       Pray for a clear mind – use our prayer for the month 
7       Give someone the gift of choice – use it to show you care
10     Try something new – meet three women who took up a new hobby and found it changed them
14     Clear your emotional clutter – how to let go of the hurts and habits that clog our lives
26     Rest in God’s love – discover how much he cares for you
34     Plan a quiet morning with God – 12 easy steps to a time of blessing
40     Celebrate marriage, prepare for Lent and bake a delicious cake – lots of great ideas in our Notebook pages

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