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February 07 Inside this issue

What's in our current issue and a preview of what's to come in March

Inside our February issue

Woman to Woman

Veronica Zundel decides it's time to lose some weight
Assiria Pele talks about her music and marriage to the world's most famous footballer
Debbie Meroff looks at the dark side of Candlemas


How we met - three couples celebrate the way they fell in love
Not my son, Christian parents share their struggles after their son told them he was gay


Wisdom form the desert - the story of Achsah
Make your own mission statement and discover what's most important to you
Walking the labyrinth - a powerful experience of God
God was with me when I was afraid, a reader shares her story

Making a difference

Living with the poor - the couple who choose to live incarnationally
Make a special gift for someone you care about


Look after your health with our decade by decade guide
Meet the English woman with a passion for cheese
Homebaked cookies and cakes for you to try
Should the Church try cold calling? wonders Man Alive columnist Andrew Perry
Organiser: What to read, where to go and what to buy this month

For you to win
A selection of natural beauty products
A week's holiday for two in Jersey
Copies of our next bookclub choice
Comfy socks that keep your feet sweet!

Coming next month . . .

Your money - is it right to tithe?

Your faith journey - do you need a spiritual director?

Your diet - what the Bible says about healthy eating


Domestic violence - men are victims too!

Slavery in the 21st century - what you can do

It's all in our March issue!

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