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Warrington: text us for prayer

Over the past few months a Methodist church in Warrington has been trialling a new initiative where people can submit prayer requests by text.

“The idea came about during a prayer walk in the area,” said Deacon Helen Coleman, who came up with the initiative at Padgate Methodist church in the Sankey Valley Circuit.
“We asked God to show us new ways to connect with the local community that would be both relevant and accessible. And from there, we developed the concept of Text4Prayer.”
Text4Prayer works through members of the public texting prayer requests to a mobile phone number, which is solely dedicated for this purpose. The texts are then picked up by one of a number of trained responders, who share the requests with others for prayer.
The following Sunday, all Text4Prayer prayers are included in the church's intercessions.
Helen continued: “We have had to navigate a number of challenges along the way, including the need for confidentiality and to have safeguarding in place, signposting to other agencies when appropriate.
“While it’s not being used on a daily basis, the prayer requests we have received have been varied, from an infant who was very ill (but has since gained full health), to a dog and her puppies that were due to be born.”
A sign with advertising the service is displayed outside the church and the local community have been very receptive.

Photo: Members of Padgate Methodist Church alongside the Revd Loraine N Mellor, President of the Methodist Conference.

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