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November 2011 Contents

What's in store for you in November

Real lives

Worth the Wait Three women talk about waiting on God for the answer to their prayers
Living in the shadow of persecution A Colombian pastor describes the challenges facing her family
Aled Jones shares his favourite music and urges us to sing out for charity
Would Like To Meet Hopeful Girl advises caution in the search for love
'God has turned my weaknesses into his opportunities’ One woman’s story of coping with ill health
We love to dance Three dancers talk about their faith and work
Forgotten by their families The plight of many older women around the world

Body & Soul

God doesn’t promise a silver lining What Romans 8:28 really teaches us
Christina Rees pays tribute to the life and teaching of Julian of Norwich
Nine evangelical heresies to avoid Veronica Zundel says contemporary Christianity is not always true to the Bible
The perfect party dress How to shop wisely for a special occasion

Make & Do

Start a Bible bookclub It’s an enjoyable way to help people read God’s Word
Wondering about ‘Trick or Treat’ night? Here’s a novel idea to try
Liven up your women’s group The Divine Divas from Tadcaster share their ideas
Make your own Advent calendar and enjoy using it for years to come

News, Views & Events
Your letters on parenting, praying for the world and encouraging others
Agenda Inspiration and ideas for the month ahead
Bookclub Your recommended reads and an interview with Ruth Valerio
Man Alive Andrew Graystone takes a name check

Just for you

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Joining us in November

This month, our contributors share their own experiences of waiting on God

Jane Fardon
Jane runs Jane Fardon Cosmetics, and trains women to be make-up artists, image consultants and stylists. She gives advice on finding a party dress.

I am blessed to have three children, but it didn’t happen easily.  It took quite a while to conceive our first and third child.  I had always wanted to have children and never imagined there would be any problem – I have always been fit and well, with no health issues. It was very hard to trust God with such a strong heart’s desire, and believe that his plans were for my best. To be honest, it was a monthly struggle to yield to his plans and not my own, to trust his timing as I waited each month. I often think our earthly fixation with ‘time’ limits our view of God.

Ali Herbert
Ali is a musician and writer. She talks to three dancers about their work and faith

I live in London with my husband and two children. I’m not someone who is particularly good at waiting for things and my mother once quoted this little ditty at me: “Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, found seldom in a woman and never in a man”! So it’s rather ironic really that I spend so much time telling my kids to be more patient, to slow their demands down, to enjoy the moment. I’m sure God is trying to teach me that too. I need to remember that it’s his timing that is perfect and not mine. I just wish he’d hurry up sometimes!

Christina Rees
Christina Rees is a writer, broadcaster and communications consultant. She pays tribute to Mother Julian

There was a time when neither my husband nor I, both freelancers, were earning enough money to keep paying the mortgage. We considered whether we should sell up and move, but convinced that we should stay put, we redoubled our efforts to find work, trusting steadfastly in God’s ability to open new doors. For several years I pushed on innumerable doors, but one day, exhausted, I came to the end of my efforts: I had a complete sense of letting go, of abandoning myself to God in a new way. A few weeks later someone offered me a job.

Claire Lanham
Claire works as a communications co-ordinator and a writer. She meets members of a lively bookclub

I laughed when I was asked to write a few words on the theme of ‘waiting’ – it feels like waiting has been my signature tune for the past 10 years or so! I still am waiting for the fruition of hopes and dreams that have been part of me for as long as I can remember. But when I stop and reflect, I realise there are so many aspects of those things already being lived out in my life – they’re just in snippets and glimpses at the moment. So I try to recognise and enjoy those opportunities to live out my heart’s dream, whilst waiting for the full-blown multicolour version.

Also writing for us this month are freelance writers and contributors Karen Carter, Sian Lawton, Amanda Pilz and Tracy Spiers.

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