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'I knew for sure that I was truly loved'

Alex King recalls how God reached out to him in the most terrifying moment of his life …

On the the day South Korea beat Italy with a golden goal to continue an astonishing run in the 2002 World Cup, I was lying in the road following a severe cycling accident.
When I came round I realised my head and face were wet with blood and I couldn’t move my legs.
As it dawned on me how bad my bike accident was, my body was filled with a warmth and I was overwhelmed with the feeling of love.

There was no fear, no worry, no anger. I felt only love and realised that God was with me and everything would be all right.
The hospital diagnosed a fractured skull and I’d also had two brain haemorrhages. While I could move again after about a week, a long period of recovery and rehab for my head injury followed.

I couldn’t work full-time for three years and became severely depressed.
I didn’t talk about my symptoms because I was worried it would further delay my return to normality. Looking back, it’s obvious I just made things worse.
I prayed often, sometimes with a heavy heart. I knew God was there for me but I didn’t understand how.
Although I had been brought up in a Christian home, at the time of the accident I wasn’t attending church. When I met my wife many years later we began regularly attending church together.

I told her my story and in due course we joined a home group. When the group were discussing the Holy Spirit one night she elbowed me, and for the first time I explained what had happened to me.
We were both confirmed and then married in 2011. We’ve since moved but we’re still active in our new local church.
After the accident I had to change careers. I was a designer, but after a long period of recovery I couldn’t find a position to go back to and ended up working in customer service. I now run multi-site/multi-lingual contact centres.

While I may experience difficult times in the future, I knew for sure back then in the most terrifying moment of my life that God truly loved me. And that certainty will stay with me for ever.  

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