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Fruit Blast

A silly family game. It's daft, very colourful, suitable for all ages and at 69p is a silly, all action app that delivers (so it claims) "juicy graphics, engaging motion control and First-Person Survival".

Essentially, a manic monkey is throwing pieces of fruit at you and you have to fight him off with a range of handy weapons. The further you get in the game, you can unlock more stages, weapons and powerups. It's a daft platform game, but it will keep the kids busy in the back of the car.

And there's a nice family story behind it: father and son team Mark and Parker Lewis developed the game with MEDL Mobile, but the game flopped in the App Store. Undeterred, the pair completely rebuilt it thanks to input from family, friends and the MEDL team, and Fruit Blast 2.0 has become a ripe and juicy hit.

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