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Rowan Williams - God With Us: The meaning of the cross and resurrection - then and now

SPCK ISBN 978 - 0 -281- 07664 -2 112 Pages £8.99

Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury has produced a brief meditation on the cross and resurrection of Jesus. It would be an ideal Lent book; each of the five chapters concludes with questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

Williams asserts that: “Pretty well everything we read in the New Testament is shadowed by the cross”. The three chapters on the cross, the sign, the sacrifice, and the victory, helpful reminds us that there are a variety of biblical images for the cross. Each image reveals to us another angle on the multi-faceted diamond of the cross.

The two chapters on the resurrection explore the resurrection, then and now.

This is an exercise in describing the indescribable and unfolding what without the resurrection would be impossible; the realisation of our identity as the image-bearers of God reminted and being made ready to participate in God’s new creation.

The book concludes with an epilogue looking at the resurrection through an icon that hangs in a At Andrew’s Church in Holborn, London. Williams helps the reader to see how the icon depicts the wonderful possibilities suggested by encountering the reality of the risen Jesus.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle in West Sussex

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