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John Hindley - Dealing with Disappointment

The Good Book Company £7.99 141 pages ISBN 978 78496 120 4

It was interesting to be reviewing a book on disappointment after a week that had not gone so well for me; I guess we all have weeks like that.

Reading John Hindley’s honest little book was an interesting challenge. I must say that I was not disappointed. The book kicks off with useful reflections on Solomon’s world-weary musing in the Book of Ecclesiastes (I found these biblical reflections more compelling than those earlier in the book). It was good to have a good robust biblical argument as a basis for this book.

What I found most helpful was the distinction between healthy and unhealthy disappointment. There are always things in our lives that are disappointing because things do not turn out as we had expected.

There are other times when we experience a sense of disproportionate disappointment because our aspirations have been invested with a greater importance to us than they ought to have been. The latter type of disappointment gnaws at our inner self and destroys our sense of wellbeing. 

Hindley shares ways that we gain perspective by finding our identity and worth in our relationship with God, rather than in any other source.

If today is more of a bad day than a good day for you, this little book might be a perfect antidote. Even on a good day, this book might serve as a useful preparation for setbacks that might be around the corner.

John Woods

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