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June 2011 Contents

What's in store for you in June

Real lives

When your family needs you Facts, stats and insights from those caring for frail, ill or disabled relatives
Would Like to Meet Hopeful Girl continues her search for love
Baking creating, comforting . . . Meet the women who have discovered their ministry is in their hands
‘My work has always been about listening to people’s stories’ Broadcaster and chaplain Debbie Thrower talks about her varied career
Messed up kids and a flawed system The growing problem of absent fathers

Body & Soul

How to resist temptation The Bible’s three step plan
‘I had a complete emotional breakdown’ One woman’s road to recovery
Why prayer is good for our bodies, as well as our souls

Make & Do

Host a family Your chance to be involved in the 2012 Olympics
Make a Raspberry Millefeuille A delicious dessert to share
Dine out at St Lawrence’s church in Ipswich
Get together Fun ways to make new friends

News, Views and Events

Your letters on sex, marriage and finding inspiration in Woman Alive
Agenda Inspiring things to see, read and do this month
Bookclub Recommended reads and a chat with Janette Oke
Veronica Zundel asks: Have we misunderstood the Bible’s teaching on the Last Days?
Man Alive Andrew Graystone on why our imperfections are important

Just for you

Books on caring for elderly parents
Inspirational books and guides to Britain’s best gardens
Ironguards to protect your fingers
Readings from The King James Bible on CD, and Yorkshire Pudding (DVD)  by Adrian Plass
Copies of I Am Your Father, by Mark Stibbe
Recipe books, edited by Kevin Woodford

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Joining us in June

With our theme of caring this month, we asked some of our contributors to tell us about a recent kindness

Stuart Weir
I have been involved in Christian ministry to sport for 20 years and I am passionate about applying the Bible to sport and helping Christians represent Jesus in the world of sport. I have even written a book called What the book says about sport. I have been to three football World Cups, two Olympics and two Commonwealth Games – often writing for the Oxford Mail - and am excited about the prospect of the World Cup coming to London in 2012. I think the kindest thing anyone ever did for me was when Miriam Wilkens of the British Olympic Association processed my media accreditation for the Beijing Olympics after the closing date, opening an unexpected door to the most amazing two weeks of my life.
Stuart writes about the Family Hosting Programme for the Olympics

Josephine Burtenshaw
We live in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which nestles in the Stretton Vale, overlooked by the gentle, Shropshire Hills and the scenic Long Mynd. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful place, which is rather like laying down daily in the green pastures of the 23rd psalm! I work as a volunteer ‘Listener’ at the local community centre. I am also just coming to the end of a healthcare course, which has fuelled my interest in the health benefits of prayer. The course has lasted three years and it has been the kindness of tutors, family and friends, in terms of encouragement, which has enabled me to stay the course. Josephine explores how prayer is good for our health

Emily Ackerman
Since I'm chronically ill, I take life at a gentle pace. I write from home, sitting at my computer in my dressing gown. As I'm sociable by nature, I try to connect with my readers as directly as I can, just like having a chat. Recently, I asked a friend to pray with me over my plans for a new book. I was very touched by how he responded, praying with vision, attention and effort. He won't get anything out of it, and he's got his own troubles to face, but he put his whole self into praying over my request. To me this is kindness, taking trouble over another's concerns as if they were your own.
Emily writes on caring

Ken Tada
I serve on the international Board of Directors for the Joni and Friends International Disability Centre in Southern California – my wife and I enjoy sharing the love of Jesus among disabled people and their families worldwide. Next month Joni and I will be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary. Besides being my best friend, she is my biggest cheerleader and understands how much I enjoy fly-fishing. Last year, while I was helping her battle breast cancer, I gladly cancelled two summertime fishing trips on the beautiful Madison River in Montana. This summer, however, Joni is encouraging me to reschedule those trips to Montana… And that just might be the kindest thing anyone's ever done for me!
Read about How Ken supports his wife

Coming soon in our July issue

•    The power of a praying granny – grandmas and grandchildren talk about the importance of a spiritual legacy
•    Life in a far country – we talk to women who have left behind the comforts of home to serve God in far away places


•    How to look good as you get older
•    Five things you think you know about Christian festivals
•    Pretty summer bags for you to win!

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