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Love Can Be A Bumpy Road

Out of the Ashes (Resound Media RMOA1501)

Out of the Ashes comprise Gloucestershire-based husband and wife duo Penny Lyon and Kevin Washburn, and this is their follow-up to 2012 debut release The Garden.

The press blurb describes them as "eclectic, enthusiastic and unabashedly old-school" and that's a fair description of this 12-song package that mixes incisive lyrics on the trials of life with a cocktail of laid-back bluesy, jazzy soul. Penny's voice is strong and the backing band led by Kevin know their way around the genres they tackle with warmth and zing.

My only quibble is occasionally the slinky, jazzy style doesn't always fit the subject matter of the lyrics. I found the chilled groove of the music meant I didn't always find the truth of the words hitting home. You might think differently. Well worth a listen.

Russ Bravo

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