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Richard Lane - Out of the Shadows

Sussex-based session musician and performer Richard Lane has an extensive CV, having played and recorded around the world, gigged with the likes of Kool & The Gang and Canned Heat, and written music for a range of top companies’ radio and TV advertisements.

Now he’s put together an 11-track album - mixed in Florida and mastered in Brazil - charting his own faith journey. It’s an engaging mix of songs of faith, songs about lack of faith, hypocrisy within the Church, the struggle to commit, and the search for a God of love and mercy.

Being honest, the mix of heavily produced AOR pop-rock and ballads isn’t quite my thing, but it’s immaculately played, superbly sung and powerfully delivered, and I’m sure there will be plenty who love his polished and highly melodic approach to songwriting. The lyrics are powerful and heartfelt, and there will be many who find Out of the Shadows an engaging and faith-fuelling listen. Available from Niltava Music.

Russ Bravo

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