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XLP leader and singer-songwriter tour tackles tough times

What do you do when your life falls apart? When it feels as if God has left you? The ‘When Faith Gets Shaken’ tour gets stuck into these deep questions ...

What do you do when your life falls apart? When it feels as if God has left you? The When Faith Gets Shaken tour looks to bring vulnerability and honesty into the heart of these deep questions and to help Christians authentically engage with suffering.
Renowned main stage speaker and CEO of charity XLP, Patrick Regan wrestled with these questions when suffering rocked his world. Facing limb reconstruction surgery, having his father diagnosed with cancer and with his daughter falling ill, Patrick’s faith was shaken to its core.
The comments that came from many well-meaning Christians often caused more harm than good. They demonstrated that the change in attitude of churches towards those suffering with depression and anxiety needed to happen more quickly. There is a real need for Christians to have the courage to be vulnerable and accept the uncertainties of life. It is from this painful place that Patrick will be sharing his experience.
Based on the critically acclaimed book (and DVD, right), the latest leg of this limited date tour also features singer songwriter Andy Flannagan and his highly successful album Drowning in the Shallow. The demand to engage on this topic has led to an unprecedented 26 tour dates being put on in partnership with local churches across the country, and signal the Church’s heart to grapple with these issues.
You can find the location, date and timings of the nationwide tour at
Join Patrick and Andy as they bring their honest and personal responses that came from trying to find God in times of suffering, wrestling with how we can know God’s peace when life is anything but peaceful, and how we allow ourselves the grace to rest when we’re running on empty.

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