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September 2010 Contents

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Cover features

Why it’s not good to be nice! Expert advice on how to live as a godly woman

Families in crisis Why the marriage-based family works best for the whole of society

‘My illness taught me how to live’ One woman’s courage in the face of life-threatening illness

Has the Church become too feminine? Ideas to encourage men back into our churches


Making changes Three women share the challenges of working in key positions within the Church

Losing my mother Sheila Jacobs speaks movingly of caring for her mother who has vascular dementia

We can help those suffering from dementia, says Jenny Lewis, who has cared for her mother for 16 years.

How do you respond to I Am? It’s the name God gave himself, which encompasses all other names

After the earthquake Meet the couple helping Haiti to heal

Let’s give the girls a chance to learn too Debbie Meroff urges support for those trying to help young girls to get an education

Theatre review Fun and food for thought in Chichester Festival Theatre’s production of Pygmalion

She who dares, wins A short story by Brian Vincent

‘I don’t want to read heartbreaking fiction’ complains Veronica Zundel

Man Alive It’s our availability to God that counts, says Russ Bravo


Your letters on prayer, proverbs, lust and marriage
Agenda What’s best to see, do and buy this month
Would Like To Meet A disastrous date for Hopeful Girl
Bookclub What you’re recommending this month

Coming soon in our October issue

Live life well

•    Meet the women who live life generously
•    Rediscover your sense of awe towards God
•    Turn that difficult relationship into a true friendship


•    Fun ways to fundraise
•    Party ideas for All Saints Day
•    A smart shoe rack for you to win

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Three sets of Colour and Dirt Collector and five copies of A Time to Live, by George Pitcher

Five Amy Grant albums, 10 packets of Dr Optic lens wipes and three copies of Good Night and God Bless travel guides
Ten copies of No More Christian Nice Girl
Ten copies of The Me I Want To Be, by John Ortberg
Two National Trust desk diaries when you solve our Word Spiral

Joining us this month:
Sheila Jacobs Writes on caring for her mother

I’m a freelance editor and writer, and the author of 10 Christian novels to date, one of which won a CBC Gold Award. My latest novel is Watchers 3: Countdown, the third in the Watchers trilogy. I’ve also written non-fiction, and have a diploma in theological studies from London Bible College. My passion is to see the gospel ‘out there’ amongst people who don’t or won’t come to church – books can do that! I’m single, live in a small country town in deepest Essex, attend an Elim church, and belong to a very lively house group. In my spare time I see friends, battle with my large garden, and am currently looking for the ‘right dog’ to replace my recently deceased Labrador!

Sarah Milne Meets a couple determined to make a difference

I became a freelance writer because it was a career I could manage around the needs of my son, William, whose life was saved by a small bowel transplant in 2008. William will need a lifetime of specialised care from a team of experts at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. I was humbled talking to Reninca Hill about the lack of very basic care available for most Haitians and how she, her family and friends have been led by God to provide for them. It was a privilege to hear about their work.  Never again will I complain about an over-running clinic!

Brian Vincent Writes this month’s short story

I have been writing stories and articles now for 12 years. The desire to fabricate the lives of fictional characters started at school and has only been held in check by the need to provide for a family of one adorable wife and four children. That life experience and a previous career dealing with insurance claims (not to mention, at the last count, six grandchildren) provide a rich vein of source material. Plots come in all shapes and sizes, born from a word, an incident or a character.  Jesus used stories to emphasise his spiritual, moral and practical teaching and I do believe stories can often touch the parts of our thinking that theological sermons sometimes fail to reach.

Also writing for us this month are freelance writers and journalists Ali Herbert, Anne Le Tissier, Jenny Lewis, Michele Morrison and Sylvia Reeve.

Prayer of the month

Building confidence, by Michele Morrison

Oh Lord Jesus, I am struggling today. I don’t feel up to things. I’m not eloquent and there’s nothing attractive about me. Nothing to cause others to take a second look. Yes, I know Scripture says that about you, Lord. But you are Jesus Christ, and I’m only me. Only me . . . the one you died for, yes. Well, one of them. Filled with your Holy Spirit, who transformed Peter. Not a spirit of timidity, but of power.

Come afresh, Holy Spirit. Refocus my gaze on Christ, through whom I can do all things. All things. Not because I’m particularly special – though in fact I am, because you love me. You have promised never to leave me nor forsake me. I’ll lean on you today, Jesus, knowing you won’t let me down. Like a wilting flower, as I draw on the Living Water I am refreshed and strengthened. I’m smiling again – just can’t help it. Guide my every step; fill my mouth with your words, my head with your thoughts, my hands with your work. Your love fills me with confidence. In you I am secure. Praise your holy Name, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.



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