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Pictures of faith: Church Army to launch new outreach website

Church Army has launched an evangelism resource, entitled Faith Pictures ...

Church Army is launching a web-based evangelism resource, entitled Faith Pictures, following a launch at the General Synod.

At the heart of this free, downloadable course is identifying an image, or faith picture, that helps people talk about their faith.

Faith Pictures takes a significantly different approach from other evangelism courses, with three main features:  

• Honesty - about the faith journey, without bracketing out hard questions
• Humour - Faith Pictures is designed to be fun for participants
• Whole church - it’s a simple idea that can be used across the entire church, encompassing different traditions and age groups

The Archbishops’ Evangelism Task Group identified the needs for this type of resource and asked Church Army to produce it.

Faith Pictures offers six sessions and is designed to be run by church groups over a six-week period, with one session a week.

Each of the sessions features a video, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Comedian Milton Jones, Theologian Paula Gooder and many more.

Justin Welby says about the course: “Faith Pictures is an amazing gift to the church. It is doing just what we need – helping every Christian to share their faith with friends and family. It doesn’t patronise or give standard answers, but stimulates each person to tell what they have experienced of God. It is fun, engaging and free. Please think about running this course in your church.”

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