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What you can read this month in Woman Alive

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Cover stories

+ Love your body From self-acceptance to what to wear, it’s time to celebrate how God made you
+ Growing up or growing old Which one describes you?
+ Sex is a wonderful gift Make it a priority in your marriage
+ Saving the planet 10 easy ways to make a difference
+ A gorgeous seasonal bouquet for you to win


+ “I’m a wounded healer” Rev Ruth Scott talks about her work in the area of conflict transformation
+ Joni Eareckson Tada gets a lesson from the birds
+ “We’ve opted for a celibate marriage” One couple’s story
+ Are you living in the light of Easter? It’s time to ditch the distractions and be renewed
+ “I always wanted to be freedom fighter” Meet the woman transforming children’s lives across Africa
+ Bring out the old Nostalgia evenings are a great way to bring women together
+ A fresh look at the Christian disciplines A young mum sets herself a tough challenge
+ “Of course I love my husband” Veronica Zundel sets the record straight
+ From house to home Practical ideas to create a sense of home wherever you are
+ My days as a Viking Nick Tomlinson reflects on a youthful passion

+ Your letters on healing, finding a husband and the right to live
+ Agenda Our pick of gifts, events and books for Spring
+ Would Like To Meet Is love in the air for our single girl?
+ Bookclub What you’re reading this month

For you to win

+ Copies of How to Feel Good Naked, by Sheila Bridge
+ Wooden Easter egg
+ Tickets to UK Aware and Bible study books
+ Ceramic chicks filled with chocolate
+ Copies of Thin Places, by Mary E DeMuth

Joining us this month

Lara Phegan encourages couples to enjoy their sex life

When I was a child, Easter meant time off school, going to church three times in just as many days, and chocolate.   I always wanted a chocolate bunny, but my mother would only buy chocolate eggs.  Eggs were a symbol and celebration of new life, so eggs it was.  I don’t know what the other families in our church did or what the Pastor said on the subject, but for our household chocolate bunnies, treasure hunts and the Easter Bunny were simply out of the question.  Now that I’m a grown woman, wife and mother, some things are different and some things are the same.  Now my own children are the ones having time off from school and I no longer attend three Easter services. But I still love God and I still love chocolate.  And now that I’m the one buying the Easter goodies, guess what I always get?
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Claire Lanham meets a woman determined to make a difference,

For the past 15 years I have worked in communications and project co-ordination roles for the not-for-profit sector, which has included making South Africa my home for seven years, and visiting many different countries. I started my working life in France, training business people in English communication skills. So you can see I love getting to know other countries and cultures. London is currently my home. Autumn is my favourite season here, but I do think spring is the best-fit season for Easter. I love the freshness and hope of spring, with flowers appearing, trees coming into leaf, a bit of warmth in the sun, and that wonderful smell that the air has in spring. All the freshness, colour, new growth, light, seem such appropriate reflections of what we celebrate at Easter. I love spending relaxing time with family and, ideally, getting outside and enjoying a bit of early sunshine!

Sue Locke shares a good idea for women’s meetings

In my childhood and through my twenties, God was not part of my life, so I focussed on a career. I trained as a journalist, eventually working as a freelance for London newspapers and magazines. One evening I was invited to listen to someone’s testimony and I knew I needed the Lord. Eighteen years ago, I moved to Northern Ireland with my family to become involved in cross community work. Today, we pastor a church that welcomes people from all backgrounds. And if you ask me what Easter means to me, I would have to say it’s one word – hope. No matter how difficult life can be, there is always hope when we put our trust in Jesus. From the most awful scenario he gave us new life and a wonderful future. That really helps me when life is difficult because I can believe for a better tomorrow.
Also writing for us this month are freelance writers and journalists: Sheila Bridge, Ali Herbert, Caroline Masom, Brenda Steffen and Lorraine Wylie

Prayer of the month

Living life to the full, by Michele Morrison

Dearest heavenly Father, help! I am overwhelmed by life, with its consequent loss of real Life. I am like an ant, scurrying frantically from A to B, bearing on my back burdens I was not built to bear. The way I live reveals that I have bought into the modern mindset, where busyness equates with fullness of life. But Lord, I am truly worn out, tired of carrying unresolved situations, beaten down by mind-numbing routine, shattered by the effort of trying to fulfil others’ expectations of me.
Give me the courage to step aside for a time, to breathe in the pure oxygen of the Spirit, to feed deeply, and then ruminate, on your Word. I have made life too complicated, Father; show me how to simplify, please. Show me what can be pruned from my schedule in order that the fruits of the Spirit might sprout and ripen in abundance in my life, for your sake, the sake of others, and my own sake.
Help me to walk through life serene in your peace, exuding your power and conveying your love. Teach me, my Lord, to live life to the full today, I pray. Amen.

Next month in Woman Alive

“ Make the Most High your dwelling . . .” (Psalm 91)

+ Know his love: What one woman learned when she went on her first retreat

+ Know his peace: Jenny Hawke (daughter of Eddie and Barbara Askew) writes movingly about the effect of her parents’ deaths on her

+ Know his protection: Why we need to put on the armour of God every day


+ Dana celebrates the 40th anniversary of her Eurovision win with a new tour
+ Ideas to celebrate Pentecost, the church’s birthday


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