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March 2010 Inside this issue

A full listing of features in our March issue

Contents March 2010

Cover stories

* “I’ve waited 12 years for this”, Helen Shapiro shares happy memories and talks about her latest album

* Grieving with your children When they are grown-up, it’s no longer possible simply to kiss their hurts better

* Our Ezekiel moment Three women talk about how God called them to do something new

* Can you fund your calling? Key questions to ask yourself about your financial planning

* What’s in your shopping basket? How many items could you swap for Fairtrade alternatives?

* "I want to help women give birth safely" Meet the Canadian doctor determined to improve medical care in the developing world

* For you to win A gorgeous seal pup hand puppet, when you solve our word spiral


* How often do we misuse God’s name? Possibly more than we think, says Veronica Zundel

* Get in training Anne Le Tissier encourages us to stay spiritually fit, so we can run the race of life

* My dream job Meet the woman behind a new Christian wedding service

* Divine Dining Discover the café in Leeds where homeless people serve the church visitors

* Who is my neighbour? One woman decided to pay a visit and find out

* "I live with constant pain, but I’m learning to trust God through it” A personal story

* Who’s behind bars? Debbie Meroff says not all prisoners have committed a crime

* How does God guide? Not with wafty little half thoughts, says Adrian Plass


* Agenda The latest books, events, ideas and news

* Would like to meet Hopeful girl begins to struggle with online dating

* Bookclub Discover what other readers are reading!

For you to win

* Helen Shapiro’s latest album
* Fairtrade nuts
* Pure body gift sets from Green People

Joining us this month

Kathleen Smith
Writes on God’s call to reach out to others

My husband Christopher and I are part of Frensham Baptist Fellowship in Surrey and the Venice Revival Center in Venice, Florida where we assist with church planting. Between us, we have six adult children and five grandchildren, who are spread throughout the UK, Italy, America and sometimes further afield. My focus is on Christian family and community development and my first book, Parent’s on the Move! A Creative and Successful Guide to International Relocation is out this month and published by Destiny Image Europe. Whenever I am facing a challenge, I turn to God’s Word and before long I am reminded what a great God we have and that he knows a way, even when we can’t see it.

Jon Cobb
Explores how our finances can impact God’s work in our lives

Although a family man, I am blessed with a lovely wife who allows me to explore my passions and interests. Fortunately Debbie and my three grown up children are my biggest passion and I feel very blessed to have such a family. My parents are both Christians but,  although I went to church, it was not until I was in my late twenties that I made a full commitment. My journey included a year as a Mormon before my eyes were open to the truth. That experience actually gave me a greater appreciation of the Grace the Lord bestows upon us, and it continues to break my heart that these wonderful people continue to strive to become perfect in the belief that they will earn the right to return to him. I am a director of Trinity Wealth Management, a financial planning firm which bases their advice on Scripture and also a member of the Association of Christian Financial Advisers

Grace Fox
Meets a doctor determined to improve health care for women

My life is multi-faceted. On the home front, I’m a wife married 28 years. I’m also the mother of three, grandmother of two, and Honda Gold Wing enthusiast. I live in Canada, but I spend five-10 weeks in Eastern Europe every year. As a career missionary, I participate in evangelistic family camps, teach parenting and marriage workshops, speak at women’s conferences, and minister to young adults infected with HIV/AIDS. Whether as a missionary, writer, or speaker, my passion is to encourage others to walk in fearless faith, trusting God’s promises and obeying him unconditionally. I believe the effectiveness of my message depends on my ability to do the same. Hence, I cling to the words: “His name shall be called Immanuel – God with us.” Whenever I feel afraid, these words remind me of God’s promised presence. He is with me everywhere and at all times – what more do I need?

Also writing for us this month are freelance writers and journalists Ali Herbert, Gillian Jackson, Catherine Larner, Lorraine Wylie and Beth Williamson Yarr.

Prayer of the month

Live Simply, by Michele Morrison

Lord Jesus, I hang my head in shame as I confess that yet again, I have cleared bags of mouldy crusts from my bread bin, discarded withered apples and poured out sour milk. Jehovah Jireh, my provider, I am really sorry that I am so careless and irresponsible with the gifts you give. Re-boot me, so that greed and my vulnerability for a 2-for-1 bargain no longer govern my grocery shopping. Make me alert to and aware of the impact my habits have on others whose choices are few, whose resources are stretched and whose horizons are limited. Rip out the roots of independence and fear, filling the void with self-discipline and faith, which frees me to trust you to provide all our needs. Help me to reorganise my consumption so that I can afford fair trade goods, so that farmers in the majority world receive a living wage. The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it; against you, and you only, Lord, have I sinned in my profligacy and waste. I cry out to you, Lord, to forgive my ingratitude, and change my habits. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Coming next month

Let’s live life to the full!

Ditch the distractions
Advice and ideas to help you recharge your faith

Love your body
From self acceptance to what to wear, it’s time to celebrate how God made you!

Grow up gracefully
We don’t have a choice about getting older, but whether or not we grow up is in our hands

Is/should sex be a priority in your marriage?


Ideas for your women’s group
Try a nostalgia evening



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