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Song is 'a heart cry for the nations'

A Colchester-based singer is hoping her new gospel single release Let It Rain will bring hope and healing for troubled hearts ...

Past and current spate of events around the world are enough to leave anyone in a state of depression and misery; however, newly released single, Let It Rain, offers hope and healing for the nations.
Written and performed by Irene Ubom, Let It Rain is an inspiring song urgently asking God for an outpouring of his Holy Spirit on the earth. The lyrics to the song are dynamic and accented by soothing music. The chorus is catchy and before the song ends Irene's prayer is that listeners will be filled with hope and assurance of the healing and restorative power of the Holy Spirit for whatever situation they are experiencing.

Inspired to write the song after reflecting on the number of catastrophic events that were causing turmoil in the hearts of brothers and sisters across the world, Irene says: "The song is a heart cry for the nations, the injustices in our world today, the killing of children and persecution of people holding on to their faith.

"I wrote the verses of the song, but I actually woke up one morning with the chorus in my head. I believe that a season of renewal is coming and the rain will bring healing, peace, love, restoration and revival."

A pharmacist by profession, Irene attends Kingsland Church, Colchester. She is currently working on an album which she hopes to release later this year with the working title Heaven's Heartbeat. She's still praying about it.

Irene is passionate about worship and her desire is to see people transformed by  encountering the love of God. She has served as worship leader at several churches in Nigeria, Germany and England.

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