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Oct 09 Contents

A full listing of our feature articles this month

Contents October 2009

Cover stories

* Cover star Charlene Oliver talks about how her life mirrored the song that made her famous

* ‘I didn’t expect married life to be like this’.  Advice for a struggling young wife

* Don’t blame the women! What’s really behind the falling numbers in mainstream churches

* What I didn’t expect about life in rural France! Michele Guinness talks about living her dream

* Back to basics: One man’s mission to encourage us to change the way we shop


* ‘I got a new wardrobe and a confidence boost.’ Jo Swinney pays tribute to the kindness of church friends

* What is God asking you to do? Six women tell us about the time they followed an inner prompting to act

* 7 ways to let your light shine! Look outside the church for opportunities to live out your faith

* What my kittens taught me. Michele Morrison considers what Jesus meant when he said “the kingdom is within you”

* Life on Logos: We hear from a busy wife and mother on board OM International’s mission ship

* A spirituality for our time. Liz Babbs appreciates the Celtic Christians celebration of life

* Come, dine with us . . . a fun way to boost your church fellowship!

* What will you leave behind? How one woman’s legacy gift is transforming lives

* “I am the Truth” What Jesus’ description of himself means for us

* The Gospel according to Frank Spencer, Phil Mitchell and Jim Trott . . .  as told by Adrian Plass

* When we truly see God as our parent, it changes everything, says Veronica Zundel


* Your letters on pastoral care, our cover images and more

* October diary: What to do and see this month

* Reading room: Our pick of good reading this month

* Bookclub: Your letters on Helen Sloane’s Diary by Jeff Lucas

For you to win

* Ten copies of I’ve Never Been To Me, by Charlene Oliver

* Twenty copies of Autumn Leave by Michele Guinness

* Three copies of Precycle by Paul Peacock

* Ten copies of Celtic Treasure, by Liz Babbs

* A solid silver necklace when you solve our Picture Perspective

Joining us this month

Kate Coleman
Preacher, speaker and lecturer, writes on women in leadership

Recently recognised as one of the most influential black Christian women leaders in the UK, Revd Dr Kate Coleman is co-pastor of The Regeneration Centre, an innovative local church plant based on cell church principles, in Birmingham and is a former president of the Baptist Union (UK) 2006/7. With over 20 years pastoral and leadership experience in the UK, Europe and Africa, Kate has gained a reputation as a visionary and an inspiration to many. A
popular preacher, teacher, speaker, lecturer and strategic advisor to high-level events, committees, church councils, local communities and specialist groups, her network extends across church denominations, cultural groups, generations, class and gender.

Tracy Spiers
Freelance writer and broadcast journalist, interviews six women about obeying an inner prompting

With 22 years experience in radio, television and publications. Tracey currently specialises in writing features on artists, has her own arts page in a local newspaper and writes regularly for Artists & Illustrators and Cotswold Life.  A worship leader and part of the leadership team at Stroud Christian Fellowship with her husband Rog, Tracy says she was inspired to write her article, after a line in a worship song came to mind: “Just one touch from the King changes everything.”
“I think sometimes we underestimate the power of our prayers. We all get promptings to pray for specific people at specific times and later (but not always) find out how important they were. I think it’s amazing how, when we are open to it, God uses our prayers to move in someone’s life in such a powerful way.”

Liz Babbs
Performer and broadcaster, writes on Celtic Christianity

Liz's interest in Celtic Christianity came as a result of visiting Lindisfarne and Iona eight years ago. She says she was affected by the overwhelming presence of God in these sacred places and it resulted in her penning her best-selling book The Celtic Heart (Lion Hudson 2003).  “I was not expecting to write another Celtic book, but God decided otherwise and gave me a 'picture' of an ancient archway, like Lindisfarne Priory, and through this archway non-Christians were coming to him!”  Liz also works as a missionary, advising the church on how to engage with our spiritual culture. Many of her books are written with a general market in mind and to broaden their  appeal Liz performs her work in concert with musicians, dancers, and other artists and has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Also writing for us this month are freelance journalists and writers James Hastings, Helen heath, Alison Hull, Paula Peacock and Jo Swinney

Prayer of the month

I’m alive! Hallelujah! by Michele Morrison
With hands held high, I praise you, Almighty Father God, for the glorious gift of life. I breathe in, reflecting that your breath brought life to Adam and revived my lifeless spirit all those years ago. I sense the steady beat of my heart, a beat which you began and which you sustain. I feel the caress of the wind on my face and imagine it is your hand, gently blessing me. I hear the sounds of this world – sounds of nature mingling with sounds of man: birds singing, car engines revving, dogs barking, children laughing. 

And when I sit quietly with you, as I am now, I hear the sounds of eternity. Your voice speaking peace into my heart.  The angels singing praises to you: Holy, holy, holy Lord. I am secure in your embrace, surrounded by your love, rejoicing to know that this life is but a harbinger of a wonderful life to come. I am alive, Lord Jesus, alive in you. I lift my voice to praise your name. I dance in the shadow of your wings.  Praise you, Lord! Amen.

Coming next month

There’s lots to talk about . . .

* Discover Britain’s Christians forced to worship in secret
* How do you meet eligible Christian men? Three women share their dating experiences
* Make Advent count. Fun ways to help you share the real meaning of Christmas with your friends, neighbours and local community
* Your questions answered. A worried reader asks: Would I be justified in leaving my husband?
* Do we still believe in The Fall? Veonica Zundel gets into hot water in an online discussion


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