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Methodists offer practical and spiritual tips to counter exam worries

Young people facing the stress of exams are being offered help with some free guides from the Methodist Church ...

As the exam period looms large, for young people facing GCSEs, A-Levels and other exams, this can be a very stressful and difficult time.

The Methodist Church in Britain hopes to ease some of this pain by offering advice for young people facing exams as well as guidance for youth leaders.

The free guides include:

10 top revision tips
advice on handling exam stress
10 top tips for youth leaders
youth group activities for exam time

“Exam stress can be completely overwhelming,” said Methodist Youth President Tamara Wray (pictured). “I recall struggling with being able to achieve what I was capable of and also what those around me wanted me to achieve. I hope that young people and churches will really engage with these resources, which offer practical and spiritual guidance for these tough summer months.”

This work follows a commitment by the 2013 Methodist Conference to encourage local churches to offer greater levels of encouragement, support and advice to young people in exam time. The Conference also stated that youth groups should avoid examination times when planning key events, so that they do not conflict with essential revision time.

3Generate, the Methodist Children and Youth Assembly, had asked the Conference to consider these issues, which were raised by young people as a particular area of stress and concern.

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