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March 2009 Contents

A full listing of features in our March issue

Contents March 2009


* “We wanted to be parents so badly.” A mother’s moving story

* Fun ways to fellowship: From social events to craft groups, here’s how different women are making new friends

* Don’t be threatened by theology. The Bible is too important to neglect

* Clear the way for Spring. Key tasks for a healthy garden and a healthy soul

* Good for you and good for them. Guidance for the ethical shopper

* The causes close to our hearts. Three women talk about the charities they support

* Is your soul hungry? Come to Jesus, who is the Bread of Life

* The cold wind of doubt. Joni Eareckson Tada finds encouragement from the people she is called to help

* Mothers and daughters. One mother’s guide to help her daughter through the terrible teens

* Veronica Zundel: Must the Church choose between community and inclusiveness?

* Britain’s hidden churches: The beautiful Lincolnshire churches offering a warm welcome to their unique festival

* Healed from Schizophrenia. One man’s amazing story

* Man Alive: Russ Bravo reflects on the seasons of our lives


* Your letters on being single, different values and spiritual challenges

* March diary: What to see and do this month

* Bookclub: Your views on The Shack

* Bookshelf: Something good to read this month

For you to win

* Two copies of Gardens to visit 2009
* Two copies of Schizophrenia Defeated
* 10 copies of God on Mute
* Three pocket gardens

Joining us this month

Jo Swinney
Writer and speaker, talks to a couple who thought they could never have children

Jo is the author of Cheerful Madness and Through the Dark Woods, both published by Monarch Books (see for more info).  She is married to Shawn and they have one small daughter.  They live in Buckinghamshire. Jo has been friends with Rachael and Tom, whose inspiring story she tells for four years, and is godmother to their second son. She says: “Seeing these two miracle babies arrive has been a faith building experience for me and has encouraged me to pray more boldly and expectantly in even the most hopeless of situations.”

Helen Jaeger
Journalist, photographer and project manager, researchers our biblical knowledge

“Exploring the idea that Christians don’t really know their Bible and the Christian viewpoint on important, contemporary issues was very interesting. Personally, I think the experience varies enormously for each individual. What resonated for me was when one interviewee, the Rev Eileen Turner, suggested that churches need to resource their members more and not merely ask responsible people to do things all the time,” says Helen. As a freelance, Helen works with charity and arts clients throughout the UK and has one son.

Brenda Burgess
Freelance writer and editor, encourages other mums

Brenda lived in Lincolnshire for eight years before returning to South Africa with her husband and family in 2005.  At a Woman Alive roadshow in Lincoln, she tentatively enquired about submitting an article. The response encouraged her. She explains: “I love writing, but up till 2008 didn't have the confidence to write for magazines.  Now God has opened many doors and I'm really excited about the future.” Her article was written after a discussion with her teenage daughter about how the media influences young girls:  “I realised that we'd walked a hard road through puberty and survived, and wanted to encourage others with practical ways on how to enjoy, not endure, this stage!”

Also writing for us this month are freelance writers and journalists Sharon Barnard, Catherine Larner, Michele Morrison, Lisa Philips and Tracey Spiers

Prayer of the month

Forgetting what is past . . . by Michele Morrison

God of all hope, to you I pray. You have stretched out your arm of love and gathered me into your warm embrace, cleansing me from sin, forgiving me and raising me up to be a daughter of the King.

To you I come now, yet again, head hanging in shame. I have spoken harshly, judged self-righteously, nursed a grudge, scowled and moaned when I should have allowed your grace to beautify my face and permeate my conversation. Father, there is no reason why you should love me – except that I love Jesus, your perfect son. I love his selflessness. I love his wisdom. I love his gentleness. I love his strength. I am overwhelmed that because of his sacrifice, I am a new woman, full of possibility and promise, full of the Holy Spirit.

I praise you, Father, that, confessed and forgiven, I can start over again. I praise you for your great mercy and love, and with hope in my heart, trusting that you do, indeed, have a good plan for me, I step out today joyfully, with my eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, my Saviour. Thank you, Lord, Amen.

Coming next month in our April issue

A makeover that’s more than skin deep!

Your life
Unlock your God-given potential – a new personality tool can help us understand ourselves and others better

Your relationships
Learn to love those awkward people who drive you mad!

Your mind
From Strictly to Big Brother, is reality TV good or bad for us?

Your wardrobe
Don’t shop, swap – and make some new friends too

A Divine chocolate hamper
A skin reviving set
A day at Kew gardens

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