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09 February contents

A full listing of our february contents

Inside our February issue

Cover stories

* Making spiritual changes. These women are all taking a step of faith. What’s next for you?

* Jeanette Barwick and Sue Rinaldi share their Bible reading tips and challenges

* Peaceful marches, demonstrations, strike action . . . how far should we go when we believe the authorities are wrong?

* Mind your language! Michele Morrison has some practical tips to tame your tongue

* Stay clear of debt. 10 things to do and one woman’s story of learning to manage her money


* Jesus, our advocate: When things go wrong, we have one who speaks in our defence

* “God sent a message ahead of me.” One young woman’s long journey back to God

* “God takes us to surprising places,” says the head of an Arts educational organisation

* “I was hooked on headlines,” The US journalist who turned her back on Hollywood gossip

* Celebrate Valentines Day by helping women and young girls caught up in the sex industry

* Make pasta your dish of the day. A quick and nourishing dish for Sunday lunch

* Look after your heart. What you need to know

* Veronica Zundel  finds life has just got too busy

* “Look forward, not back”, says our Man Alive columnist Andrew Graystone

* February diary: Good things to do and see this month

* Bookclub: Your letters on Heaven’s Calling, by Leanne Payne

* On the bookshelf: Our choice of good reading this month

For you to win

* A music selection, Theodora’s diaries, compact Bibles and spring cleaning products

* Solve our Picture Perspective and win a chocolate first aid kit

Joining us this month

Michele Morrison
Writer, tackles how to tame our tongue on page and writes our regular prayer of the month

"Words, words, words, I'm so sick of words," complains Eliza Doolittle to Freddie in My Fair Lady, going on vehemently, "Don't talk of love, burning inside . . .  don't talk at all, show me!" Eliza's frustration at Freddie's verbosity suggests a parallel with God's frustration at mine. Taming the tongue is a subject addressed repeatedly in Scripture. In looking at this challenging topic this month, I didn't look at empty words of love for God without deeds to prove them (Eliza's complaint), but at the way our words slip out so easily, expressing our baser emotions and grieving the gracious Spirit who indwells us. I've suggested a few practical steps, which I myself am trying to use in order to knock my errant tongue into shape. I think, for me, this is a lifetime challenge, but I cling to the belief that with God, all things are possible!

Sue Morton
Writer, interviews a teacher with a passion for the Arts

Sue is married to Mark and they have four daughters aged between 16 and 22.  A teacher before suffering ill health, Sue continues to take an interest in what is happening in schools and first met Karen Underwood and her team when she was invited to one of their Arts Days.  “As a writer, I was struck by her creative energy and her passion for working with young people, and wanted to know more about her.  As a parent and a former teacher, I was excited and encouraged to hear how she was taking her faith into schools at a time when bringing Christianity into the classroom can be challenging and difficult.   When Karen felt God was giving her an opportunity, she boldly seized it with both hands - her enthusiasm is highly infectious!”

James Hastings
Journalist, interviews former tabloid prodigy Marlise Kast

Journalists are always told to check their sources. I had to check my eyes. Was I experiencing a senior moment or was this really a tabloid reporter, on live TV, apologising to a celebrity for harassing him?  Marlise Kast worked for Globe magazine, which makes the Daily Star read like the Guardian.  For years, she dished the dirt on A list celebs and Hollywood’s biggest actors.
Smart and sassy, this pastor’s daughter was always able to get the biggest scoops and didn’t mind who she hurt in the process.
Yet, here she was appologising to Leonardo diCaprio, among many others, for making their lives a misery. But hold the front page, Marlise also mentioned the G-word - and everyone knows journalists don’t do God. Or do they? I just had to get an interview with the interviewer.

Also writing for us this month are freelance writers and journalists Joanne Appleton, Helen Heath, Rob James, Catherine Larner, Caroline Masom and Lisa Phillips

Prayer for the month

Help us to listen, by Michele Morrison

Dear heavenly Father, in this season of silence, when many of our chirpy feathered friends have fled to warmer climes, when animals hibernate and when most of the flora and fauna have dropped their show and retired from wintry weather to prepare for spring; may we have the wisdom to renew our strength as well. May we embrace the relative silence of the season by taking time to listen and reflect.

Help us to spend time in prayer and in the Bible, so that gradually, perhaps almost imperceptibly, your Holy Spirit can transform our characters. In the same way that you work unseen to strengthen and repair our bodies, may your Spirit re-form our thoughts, challenge our attitudes, and inspire us with new ideas for sharing the Gospel.

We thank you for your living Word, Lord, and the way you teach and guide us. Put a guard over our mouths, so that our words are few, and those we speak are full of grace and truth. May we be channels of peace in our homes and work today, Lord, content with healing silence. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.

Coming next month In our March issue

* The ethical shopper’s dilemma – Should we buy fairtrade or farmer’s market?

* Share your passion –  From scrapbooking to creative crafts, pamper parties and quiz nights, here’s how three women’s groups are reaching out beyond the church community

* Are we becoming theologically illiterate? Let’s get serious about the Bible

*How does your garden grow? Key tasks for keen gardeners and a spiritual challenge for us all


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